Home News Pelosi and POTUS Hold Private Pow-Wow as Coequal Branch Battle Heats Up

Pelosi and POTUS Hold Private Pow-Wow as Coequal Branch Battle Heats Up

by J.C McCallum
Pelosi and POTUS Hold Private Pow-Wow as Coequal Branch Battle Heats Up

Things move fast in Washington DC, and this week has certainly been no exception.

The White House and Congress are currently embroiled in a nasty political fight over the aftermath of the Mueller report, and it certainly feels as though things may come to a head this week.

Don McGahn, former White House counsel, has taken the advice of the Executive Branch and ignored a subpoena from House democrats to testify publicly regarding his previous testimony to Robert Mueller himself.  The White House understandably believes that this is just an extension of the “witch hunt” that Mueller conducted, and has instructed several of those in the Trump inner circle to defy Congress on this basis.


Amid this chaos, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others will be meeting privately with the President to discuss infrastructure, but there is a belief that perhaps other issues will also be on their agenda.

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America’s two most powerful leaders will come face-to-face again Wednesday in the latest twist of a many-layered test of wills that has momentous implications for the nation’s future.

Pelosi will have a frying-pan-into-the-fire moment when she heads to the White House from a meeting of her Democratic caucus, which is pulsating with calls for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump offered a window into his state of mind Wednesday morning, lashing out at Democrats for refusing to accept his mantra of “NO COLLUSION.”

The meeting comes at a time in which unprecedented friction exists between these two coequal branches of government.

Pelosi’s subordinates sent new subpoenas to one of Trump’s most trusted confidants — his former communications director Hope Hicks — and to Ann Donaldson, McGahn’s plugged-in former chief of staff.

And the President launched an appeal against a federal court ruling on Monday that ordered his accountants to hand over years of financial records to a House committee.

There is never a dull moment in Washington, and this looks to be one of the least dull weeks on record.

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