Home News Omar says she's proud that Juneteenth is a federal holiday wants “reparations” next

Omar says she's proud that Juneteenth is a federal holiday wants “reparations” next

by Paul Goldberg

Saturday, progressive “squad” member Ilhan Omar expressed she is proud the Juneteenth is a federal holiday, setting her sights on “reparations” next.

“Proud #Juneteenth is now a federal holiday,” Omar tweeted.

“As we reflect on the significance of what this day symbolizes, let’s keep fighting to address the lasting consequences of slavery. Next step: reparations,” she added.

Omar says she's proud that Juneteenth is a federal holiday wants "reparations" next

Several prominent Democrats are pushing for a study on reparations.

H.R. 40 is sponsored by Texas House Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee and  would establish a commission to study the history of slavery and its effects.

Per a report in the DailyCaller “The House Judiciary Committee voted in April in favor of the bill. If the House votes in favor, the bill would allocate $20 million to create a 13-person commission to study the adverse effects of slavery and recommend remedies to Congress.”

Democratic Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson said “For those of us who went to Tulsa, it became even more apparent to us how important it is to pass H.R. 40 and to do so certainly before we leave for the August Recess.”

“We came away united with the strong feeling that now is the time to do [it]” he continued, noting victims of Greenwood nor their descendants were compensated for their losses. “And so we will now address leadership with this newfound sense of energy and urgency.”

“It’s always going to be inconvenient, but now is the time,” Johnson added. “If you go back and look at the Tulsa situation and see how the people are still out there – have not been able to get redress for the wrongs that were done to them – I mean, if you can’t see reparations from that viewpoint, then you just don’t want to see reparation.”

Democratic California Rep. Barbara Lee said “Tulsa is ground zero, I believe, in terms of raising the level of awareness and the why’s, and the importance of reparations and getting H.R. 40 passed. “We’re pushing hard.”

“You have generational trauma. All of this is manifested today in much of what the Black community is still living with,” she added. “And so this is a very important moment. It’s a day of reckoning, I think. And it’s time that this country live up to its promise of justice.”

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