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NYT Concedes This Trump Policy Broke Iran’s Will

by Paul Goldberg

It must have hurt them to write this but the New York Times conceded that President Trump’s policy toward Iran has broken their will to fight the USA.

On Monday the New York Times mentioned that one of the most significant reasons the United States was able to muscle Iran last week was the devastating economic sanctions that have made war too expensive for Iran to handle.

The Times published a report on Monday named, “Iran’s grim Economy Limits Its Willingness to Confront the US.”

The Times wrote:

Crippling sanctions imposed by the Trump administration have severed Iran’s access to international markets, decimating the economy, which is now contracting at an alarming 9.5 percent annual rate, the International Monetary Fund estimated. Oil exports were effectively zero in December, according to Oxford Economics, as the sanctions have prevented sales, even though smugglers have transported unknown volumes.

The bleak economy appears to be tempering the willingness of Iran to escalate hostilities with the United States, its leaders cognizant that war could profoundly worsen national fortunes. In recent months, public anger over joblessness, economic anxiety and corruption has emerged as a potentially existential threat to Iran’s hard-line regime.

Inflation is running near 40 percent, assailing consumers with sharply rising prices for food and other basic necessities. More than one in four young Iranians is jobless, with college graduates especially short of work, according to the World Bank.

In addition to this, on Tuesday PM Boris Johnson of the UK said that he is willing to work with President Trump and continue economic sanctions against Iran. The Times also noted that fears of hard-liners using war to stimulate the economy are not found. They stated a direct full-scale confrontation with the US would “likely weaken the currency and exacerbate inflation while menacing what remains of national industry.” It could also create a “run on the domestics banks,” inside Iran concluded the Times.

For months Democrats have slammed President Trump for his policy in Iran. Former Obama officials declared that President Trump has only empowered Iran. But, in reality President Trump out muscled Iran putting them in such a weakened state that direct confrontation with the US would have resulted in a collapse of their regime.

The swamp can attack President Trump but the truth is Americans stand by their President below is a great example!

New York Times

Written by Staff WriterJanuary 14, 2020

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