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New York City Judge Orders Trump To Testify At Court Hearing

by Paul Goldberg

A New York City Judge has ordered that President Trump must sit for a videotaped testimony in a lawsuit brought by protesters who say they were assaulted by Trump’s security guards during the 2016 campaign.

Judge Doris Gonzalez, wrote that President Trump’s testimony is “indispensable” to the trial which is scheduled to start on Thursday. The judge demands that President Trump must be “examined” by videotape before then, however the President is going fight this tooth and nail.

The protesters are arguing that the Trump campaign and business should be liable for his security guards actions. They claim that even if Trump told them not to use force he had control over his actions. According to reports from MSN News:

The suit alleges Trump’s head of security, Keith Schiller, punched one of the men in the head while trying to grab from him a sign that read, “Make America Racist Again!” Schiller has said he was simply trying to make space on the sidewalk and that he struck the protester only after the man grabbed him suddenly from behind.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that the president can be sued in federal court. The ruling came as President Bill Clinton was being sued by Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, for sexual harassment and, as a result, Clinton was required to sit for a videotaped deposition in the case in 1998. Clinton settled the case and it never went to trial.

Trump, by contrast, has been ordered to offer testimony for use at the New York trial, a rare instance of a jury sitting in judgment of a sitting president.

If the Bronx jury rules that the security guards acted inappropriately and Trump was to blame, they could impose sizable punitive damages on the president.

The Bronx matter stems from a September 2015 rally outside Trump Tower in which four men of Mexican descent wore Ku Klux Klan outfits and carried large banners. They were protesting Trump’s campaign comments about immigrants.

The group alleges Trump’s security guards emerged from the building and shoved and pushed them, grabbing and ripping their signs. In a moment partially caught in news footage at the time, one of the men, Efrain Galicia, alleges Schiller struck him in the head with a closed fist and another guard placed his hands around his neck and attempted to choke him.

The President was not present during the incident and was preparing for a press conference inside the building.

What I found most interesting about this story reading the different news outlets is what the Washington Post wrote: “Trump could face particular peril if forced to testify under oath in the case, where any falsehoods he told could lead to further investigations. In the Jones case, Clinton said under oath that he did not have a relationship with Monica Lewinsky, leading to his impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives in 1998.”

There you go folks Hillary couldn’t take him down, Muller couldn’t take him down, Stormy Daniels couldn’t take him down….but this, this is it. They are going to use lawsuits to get the President under oath and try to get him to slip up. They are going to try and get President Trump like the evil Republicans got Clinton and then try to impeach him.

The Democrats are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

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Written by Staff WriterSeptember 20, 2019

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