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New Witness Comes Forward, Contradicts Bill Clinton’s Jeffrey Epstein Story

by J.C McCallum

A new witness has come forward and is contradicting Bill Clinton’s story about Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton has gone back and forth with his Epstein story saying he was only on the jet a few times while Fox and other media outlets have reported on flight logs showing closer to 50 flights.

But Clinton has always said he never visited Epstein’s “orgy island.’ But according to a new eye witness, that is false.

The Toronto Sun: One of Epstein’s former employees, Steve Scully, recalls seeing the president on Epstein’s private Caribbean island of Little Saint James.

The two men sat on the veranda and chatted, Scully said. There were no other guests at the time.

Clinton has claimed he had no idea of Epstein’s deviant behaviour but admitted he flew on Epstein’s private jet at least four times, once with the hedge fund manager’s alleged “pimp,” Ghislaine Maxwell.

Fox News reported it was more like 26 trips. Clinton has denied visiting the island and it was unclear when the alleged visit occurred.

In the explosive new four-part documentary airing Wednesday on Netflix, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Clinton’s alleged visit to the financier’s notorious “pedophile island” is detailed.

There is no suggestion Clinton was involved in any wrongdoing.

From The Gateway Pundit:

A new Netflix documentary titled “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” features an interview with the island’s longtime information technology worker who says he personally saw the former president on the island Epstein, according to The Sun.

Steve Scully, now 70, who maintained the phones and internet on the island, claims in the Netflix show that he saw Mr Clinton with Epstein sitting in the porch area of the island’s villa.

There were no other guests around at the time, he claims.

He also alleges he once saw another male guest of Epstein on the island completely naked surrounded by three topless girls, and he recalls seeing other “important people” coming and going from Little Saint James.

Mr Scully said: “You tell yourself that you didn’t know for sure and you never really saw anything, but that’s all just rationalization.

“Jeffrey Epstein, he was a guy who concealed his deviance very well—but he didn’t conceal it that well.”

Clinton, 73, has admitted that he took trips on the late pedophile’s so-called “Lolita Express” private jet but has steadfastly denied he visited Epstein’s Caribbean island, where underaged girls were allegedly sexually abused, some by famous men.

Scully says he saw other “important people” coming and going from the island but that no one else was there during Clinton’s visit, according to the Sun report.

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