Home News New court ruling could strip bikini baristas from their 'right' to serve coffee while scantily clad

New court ruling could strip bikini baristas from their 'right' to serve coffee while scantily clad

by J.C McCallum

Women at coffee shop chain Hillbilly Hotties may need to cover up following a Wednesday federal appeals court ruling, according to the New York Post.

In 2017, a judge ruled that the “bikini baristas” would still be permitted to serve in the semi-nude, despite a lawsuit over the chain’s dress code. The group of women sued the city of Everett, Washington, in September 2017, claiming that a demure dress code would violate their First Amendment rights to free expression.

What are the details?

The newspaper reported that a three-judge panel on the U.S.’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the initial 2017 decision that prevented the city of Everett, Washington, from imposing a more conservative dress code.

Wednesday’s ruling revealed that wearing skimpy attire — including “pasties or a G-string” the Post said — does not fall under free speech as protected by the First Amendment.

Jovanna Edge, one of the company’s co-owners, told the outlet that she was planning to appeal the ruling.

What else?

In August 2017, the local city council passed the ordinances regarding the dress code of scantily clad women. One of the ordinances required employees at “quick service” eateries to wear at least a tank top and shorts while working.

In 2009, authorities busted several women who were employed at such coffee stands and charged them with indecent exposure and prostitution. The Seattle Times also reported that employed baristas also reportedly charged customers high-dollar amounts for “erotic shows” and even allowed some of the customers to fondle them.

At the time, Assistant City Attorney Ramsey Ramerman said, “This is not about being offended by people wearing bikinis. Some of these stands had the characteristics of a poorly run strip club, and trying to enforce standards under the previous law was simply ineffective.”

Everett bikini baristas may become tank-top baristas after ruling


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Freeland_Dave July 5, 2019 - 21:23

I really comes to this. If you do not like what a business is doing GO TAKE YOUR @#%*[email protected]# BUSINESS SOMEWHERE ELSE!

No one can force you to do business in a store if you don’t want to.

What, you people want to force people to wear Burkas? Let me see what you do out in public that I can ridicule. Unnatural hair colors. Designer jeans that look like something even the homeless would throw away as trash. Studs, taboos all over your body so you look like a monster instead of a human?

If they are breaking laws with illegal activities fine, prosecute them on that. Are we really going to force our beliefs on someone else and call ourselves free?

Why is this even an issue. The next tie I see a morbidly obese person in skin tight chartreuse spandex with unnatural hair and makeup like a clown should I try to make a law against it?


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