Home News NBC News writes garbage article about Trump peddling My Pillow while thousands are dying

NBC News writes garbage article about Trump peddling My Pillow while thousands are dying

by J.C McCallum

NBC News has written another smear attack piece against Trump during the pandemic, accusing him of putting on an infomercial for My Pillow today in the Rose Garden while thousands are dying. First, here’s the title of their hit piece:

And here’s how they began their hit piece:

As the U.S. death toll from coronavirus climbed toward 3,000, President Donald Trump touted corporate America’s role in producing medical equipment at an infomercial-like White House briefing Monday.

Trump invited a lineup of CEOs to applaud him and advertise their companies from a podium bearing the presidential seal in the Rose Garden. It wasn’t until they were done congratulating each other that the victims of the disease, and the people fighting it on the front lines, became a focus of Monday’s daily White House briefing.

“Trump invited a lineup of CEOs to applaud him and advertise their companies from a podium”?? Their TDS is bleeding through like a gaping chest wound. That’s not what Trump did at all. Granted everyone who comes to the podium speaks highly of the president, but these corporate CEOs were they to educate the public about what they are doing to help out in this pandemic, which deserves to be highlighted. They are converting their manufacturing to significantly aid hospitals and the public with essential medical goods for our better health. What is wrong with them getting a public pat on the back for their contribution?

It continues…

Pillow company founder Michael Lindell, who has donated more than $200,000 to Trump’s campaigns and associated committees, praised the president for bringing God back to the public square. Executives from an underwear manufacturer and a defense contractor detailed how their operations are being pointed toward producing medical equipment in accordance with Trump’s wishes.

Trump’s love of CEOs, and his willingness to use official White House briefings to praise corporate leaders and political allies, is nothing new — even in the midst of the current crisis. But Monday’s showcase, which represents the heart of the president’s daily communication to the public on efforts to combat the coronavirus, signaled a massive escalation of his message that he and his friends in the private sector will save America out of the goodness of their hearts.

And it comes at a time when Trump’s critics are questioning the amount of money taxpayers have been asked to pump into companies that paid CEOs big salaries and bought back their own stock while racking up debt.

They are making it sound like it’s all cronyism. What a bunch of garbage. Sure, Lindell is a donor. But he and these other CEOs are giving back in a wonderful way to help the sick and the medical community during a time of great need.

What NBC News saw as an infomercial, I saw Trump wanting the public to understand that things ARE being done to help fight this virus as people continue to get sick and die.

This garbage piece continues on if you want to read it. But this is how it began and given that most people only read the first part of the article, NBC News is doing a great disservice to both their readers, these CEOs and President Trump.

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