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NBC News Reports On How It Could Be Illegal To Vote For President Trump

by Paul Goldberg

This isn’t a joke folks as much as it makes me laugh this should be proof to show just how in the future liberals could control elections.

Noah Berlatsky writing for NBC News wrote that “racists” Trump voters – his definition of racists is anyone who votes for Trump and is white – are violating the Constitution.

Noah opens his piece saying that “white people in the United States are motivated at least in part by racism in the voting booth.” He claims that those that are white and agreed with the President campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” are racists. So to be clear, according to Noah, if you are white and supported Trump you are a racist.

So Noah and a liberal professor in Baltimore, Terry Smith claims to vote with racists intentions – keep in mind their definitions – should be addressed by the government.

Berlatsky wrote:

“When voters go to the booth, they’re not expressing a mere personal preference,” Smith told me. According to Smith, voters who pull the levers to harm black people are violating the Constitution. If the Constitution means that overt racist appeals undermine the legality of union elections, it stands to reason that they undermine the legality of other elections, as well.

Now get this, Smith claims that all of you that vote Republican in the south are racists.

Smith suggests expanding the Voting Rights Act to address the racist patterns of voting in Senate elections in the South. Because the majority of white voters in the South vote Republican, and because they outnumber black voters, there isn’t a single Democratic senator from the Deep South other than Doug Jones in Alabama, who may well lose his seat in 2020. Smith argues that we could remedy these disparate, racially motivated outcomes by creating Senate districts. Presumably, that would make it at least possible for black voters to elect a senator who would support their interests.

The assertions that Smith is making are absolutely insane, we could say that his candidates are racists as well, couldn’t we?

And this is the problem who sets the definition of racists?

Smith suggests that once Democrats are back in power that they should pack the court and get these type of policies passed. The fact that NBC news even published this article just goes to show how desperate the media is to attack Trump voters. What Berlatsky and Smith are saying is equivalent to something you would hear out of Germany in the 1930s against Jews.

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Written by Staff WriterJanuary 19, 2020

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