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Mitt Romney Underwater In Home State As Trump Attacks Backfire With Utah GOP Voters

by Paul Goldberg

Mitt Romney just got some bad news from back home in Utah. Mike Lee, Utah’s other GOP Senator heard similar rumblings from Utah voters.

According to a new poll, both of Utah’s Senators — Mitt Romney and Mike Lee — are underwater with higher disapproval numbers than approval.

Romney has a 46-51 percent approval rating – 46 percent approve of his performance while 51 percent are not happy with Mitt.

Lee has a 43-47 percent approval rating, slightly better but with more GOP support than Mitt.

Mitt’s numbers would be even worse save for the Democrats who now view him favorably – only 40% of strong GOP voters like Mitt while 59% of the same finds him distasteful.

From UtahPolicy:

Romney’s approval rate among “strong Republicans” is actually underwater: Only 40 percent approve of him, while 59 percent disapprove of him.

But “strong Republicans” really like Lee, 72-19 percent.

Romney’s problem with the reddest of his party is no doubt because he has been critical of Trump, while Lee has mostly stood by the president.

Romney rebounds among those who said they are “not very strong Republicans.” He has a 71-23 percent approval rating among them.

Lee’s approval rating among that GOP group is 59-24 percent.

True political independents give Romney a 44-52 percent approval rating; Lee gets 36-53 percent approval from this group.

As would be expected, neither Republican gets goods marks from hardcore Democrats.

But what may be classified as weak Democrats really like Romney — a man from their opposing party.

“Strong Democrats” dislike Lee, 5-81 percent, while Romney gets a 32-63 percent approval rating.

Still, one-third of “strong Democrats” liking Romney is pretty good in these partisan times.

“Not very strong Democrats” dislike Lee, 3-84 percent

But they actually like Romney, 65-32 percent.


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Freeland_Dave October 23, 2019 - 20:10

What’s this? The Mormon Mafia doesn’t like Romney?

donnieboy64 October 23, 2019 - 20:11

well…..he’s got over four years left so utah needs to get about the business of the people and recall this air-headed twit. romney is a cancer on america.

Zero Nada October 23, 2019 - 21:08

Shitt Pedophile Romney is a Giant Pile of Dogshit be glad to see him get the JFK Special since he’s threatened Trump with it while standing in front of a Hinckley Organization Board – Yes think John Hinckley that Fuckin Faggot.


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