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Mitch McConnell Puts Pelosi On Notice: “Inconceivable there’s 67 votes to remove Trump from office”

by Paul Goldberg

“I will repeat what I’ve said in the past,” McConnell told reporters. “It’s inconceivable to me that there would be 67 votes to remove the president from office.”

And with those words, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi were put on notice that whatever they do will be summarily ignored by the Senate.

Remember, impeachment is a political process, it is not a legal one. We are heading into an election season with a divided country that will not be fixed by an impeachment inquiry but only by the 2020 election.

“A number of Democratic senators are running for president. I’m sure they are going to be excited to be here in their chairs, not being able to say anything during the pendency of this trial,” he continued.

“So, hopefully, we’ll work our way through it and finish it in not too lengthy a process.”

“It’s way too early to scope out or announce how we might handle impeachment when it gets to the Senate,” McConnell said.

“We’re all having ‘what if’ discussions, but I think just laying out various hypotheticals now is not helpful.”

“The House is going to do what the House is going to do,” he continued. “And when they get through, as you know, it comes over here, displaces all the business, and we’ll be on it until the senators decide it’s time to reach a conclusion.”

This is not the first time Mitch has effectively ended the Democrat’s impeachment before it got to the Senate.

He has been consistent in telling anyone who will listen that the votes in the Senate to convict and remove do not exist.

In other words, while gripping TV at times, these hearings will lead to nowhere.


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