Home News Melania Trump Gets Rousing Reception At Kennedy Center To Open New Expansion As Honorary Chair

Melania Trump Gets Rousing Reception At Kennedy Center To Open New Expansion As Honorary Chair

by Paul Goldberg
Melania Trump Gets Rousing Reception At Kennedy Center To Open New Expansion As Honorary Chair

First Lady Melania Trump is underappreciated. Smart, funny and low-key, she like Sarah Sanders would be celebrated if not for the hatred for President Trump from the left.

They cannot believe that Melania could agree with her husband on any issues, such is their derangement syndrome and the truth is Melania offer wise counsel to Trump the proper way – in private.

Melania by all accounts is a quiet power in the White House and the other power brokers in DC know this.

Which is why they gave her a rousing greeting last night when she made her appearance last night at the John F. Kennedy Center to celebrate the opening of the addition REACH.

‘Honored to join the Kennedy Center @Kencen last night in celebration of the grand opening of REACH,’ Melania wrote in a post Friday while sharing pictures from the event. ‘This is an amazing investment in the arts and our next generation.’

From The Daily Mail:

As Honorary Chair to the Kennedy Center, Melania delivered opening remarks at the opening before making her way to her seat.

‘This is a momentous occasion for the arts,’ the first lady shared in a press release after the event. ‘The Kennedy Center has always been a powerful tool to bring people together.’

‘This new addition will be so valuable to Washington D.C. and is so important to our community and to our nation as a whole,’ she continued.  

‘I want to thank the Kennedy Center leadership and the generous supporters for inviting me to join them this evening and for the incredible work they are doing for our future generations.’

The REACH is a new expansion of the Kennedy Center and is set to open on Saturday.


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nhchaz September 7, 2019 - 17:58

Melania Trump is exactly what she projects in person. Classy, Serene, Smart, Beautiful, well-spoken, respected and adored internationally..We have a President who is Handsome, Smart, Abruptly and painfully Honest, Financially Savvy and the best Man that has inhabited the White House since Lincoln and Reagan. And for these reasons and many just plain idiotic and nonsensical, the Dumbocrats detest him and are still puzzled how Hillary Clinton, the Most Evil and corrupt Women ever to enter politics, lost the 2016 Election after the Democrat Machine figured they had bought and paid for the Oval Office with Billions of filthy money paid to do so. I know there will be Liberal Trolls who will try to take these comments and deny then…But Truth will always win out, No Matter how many Times it is assailed.

faturism September 7, 2019 - 22:58

About time our beautiful First Lady got some respect. The left proves their hypocricy every time they vilify Melania, which is every day.


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