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Media Romantically Elects A New ‘President’ And Blackout President Trump

by Paul Goldberg

The liberal media is doing everything they can to get the American people to turn on President Trump. Most recently, they have blacked out the President’s coronavirus press conferences and “elected” a new “President” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Business Insiders daily wrote that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Dr. Fauci are the most trusted leaders in America. To get to this reasoning Business Insiders conducted a “poll” (and I use that term lightly) of 1,136 of their readers using a computer form program called survey monkey on Wednesday. That’s not a poll that’s fake news.

They claim:

Cuomo has been rewarded for massively expanding New York’s testing capacity, aggressively combatting the virus with business closures and social distancing, and his daily PowerPoint pep talks to New Yorkers in his press conferences.

Kathleen Parker from the Washington Post wrote:

No doubt, many are wishing Cuomo were president right now, as suggested by a hashtag trending on Twitter — #CuomoForPresident. The governor’s in-charge demeanor and straight talk remind us of what a leader looks and acts like.

On Monday, he[Trump] and Cuomo expressed nearly the same idea but in such different ways. Guess which one was terrifying and which sounded plausible and realistic.

Trump signaled that he was thinking of “opening up” the country to avoid allowing the cure to be worse than the problem. He probably meant that shutting down the economy might hurt the United States more than the virus. His solution, however, would be to end lockdowns even as the virus is spreading.

Cuomo framed nearly the same idea in a vastly different way. Explaining that we had hit pause to grapple with the sudden crisis, he said it was now time to begin thinking about how to reenter the private sector. He suggested that young, healthy people might be able go back to work, as could those who have had the virus and are now immune.

One man drops a word bomb; the other explains his thoughts in logical fashion so that people can follow his reasoning and arrive at the same conclusion.

The media except for ABC News and Fox News have stopped airing President Trump’s daily press conferences and are airing Gov. Cuomo’s daily press briefing romantically wishing he was president.

I found this hilarious…

Despite their efforts, The President’s approval rating for handling the pandemic crisis is 60% and if you think that is high just wait until Nancy Pelosi stops holding us all hostage and money starts getting to Americans.

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Written by Staff WriterMarch 25, 2020

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