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Media Owes Trump Another Apology After Discovering Obama Signed Airport Military Contract

by Paul Goldberg

The media really does cover Trump unfairly. The really strange part is they don’t have to – Trump has done enough controversial things that the media could play it straight and still get their digs in.

But they don’t. They go out of their way to push phony narratives to inflict maximum damage to Trump but it usually backfires and inflicts damage on the media as an institution.

From Fox News: The controversial arrangement by the U.S. Air Force to refuel at a Scottish airport near President Trump’s Turnberry golf resort apparently was signed under the Obama administration, according to multiple reports.

The details emerged as the Air Force was called to explain a March stopover in the Scottish resort — with Democrats on the House Oversight Committee writing to Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan as part of their investigation into alleged conflicts of interest by the president. The twist revealing that the airport deal predates his administration could boost Trump’s case.

From The Guardian:

Maj Richard Komurek, a USAF spokesman for Europe and Africa, said: “Glasgow Prestwick airport is one of a variety of airfields within Europe that can be used to support a full range of USAF operations.

“The forward-basing of US aircraft in Europe enhances our ability to conduct rapid global mobility, global strike operations and training to maintain combat-ready forces that are ready to respond to contingencies and support allies and partners.”

The documents reveal that USAF Stratotanker air-to-air refueling aircraft operated several sorties from Prestwick while based there for three weeks in May 2017. That month, the USAF also approved “active duty missions” from Prestwick for Hercules C130 cargo planes for its air mobility command, which describes the C130 as “the prime transport for airdropping troops and equipment into hostile areas”.

Brown was told a visit by US diplomats to Prestwick to prepare for Trump’s arrival to open the Turnberry resort in June 2016 led to new contacts with the USAF’s European chief of defense and the US air attache to the UK.

In October 2016, Prestwick signed a three-year basing and fuel supply deal with the Defense Logistics Agency, helping it almost double its income from fuel sales to £3m last year.

Brown was told those contacts also led to the USAF earmarking Prestwick to take a greater share of its flights after it leaves Mildenhall airbase in Suffolk, its largest base in the UK, in 2024.

The Scottish government insisted its ministers played no part in Prestwick’s business decisions, but opposition parties said ministers should make an urgent statement at Holyrood on what they know about Prestwick’s dealings with the US military, and the prospects of it ever making a profit….

… The documents seen by the Guardian show Prestwick struck deals with Trump Turnberry to supply cut-price rooms for select passengers and crew.

According to the Sunday Post newspaper, Prestwick also offered free rounds of golf at Turnberry to visiting US military and civilian air crews. Prestwick said it had special arrangements with other hotels in Ayrshire.


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Bob Acteson September 14, 2019 - 22:05

I think I’d be more impressed if Paul Goldberg could spell ‘travelled’ correctly.

Freeland_Dave September 15, 2019 - 00:34

While I do rail on Paul on his style of journalism at times, is this all you got from his article? Seriously the spelling of a word when both ways of spelling it are correct? And you criticize Liberals when you are obviously no better? I’m conservative and even I find your comment funny.

Anthony Bajada September 14, 2019 - 22:27

Both spellings are acceptable: travelled or traveled!


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