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Marco Rubio Mocks Media Over Trump China Hysteria: Not Real Request, Played Media Like Violin

by Paul Goldberg

As the impeachment debacle turns into a farce a few Republican Senators are making their opinions heard loud and clear.

To be fair, most of the Senate – both GOP and Democrats – are saying little preferring to wait and see what evidence Pelosi digs up.

That is the prudent course of action but Marco Rubio took some time to mock the media’s absolute hysteria when it comes to Trump.

Trump yesterday called on China to investigate the Bidens and the media went completely bonkers screaming the ‘sky is falling’ and Trump’s a danger we must remove him now.

Marco told them all to lighten up and said the remark was just to needle the media and make them dance to whatever tune Trump wanted.

Of course, they fell for it – they always do.

Marco said he didn’t think it was a real request and said: “He is pretty good at getting everybody fired up and the media responded right on task.”

“He did to provoke you guys, he plays it like a violin and everyone falls right into it – that is not a real request.”

Joe Biden for his part seems to be in on the joke too. From The Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden made light of President Trump’s claim his lobbyist son Hunter Biden earned “billions of donors” in China as Trump comes under fire for suggesting that the communist country investigate the family of a potential political rival.

“I wonder where the hell that money is man because I’ve got to pay tuitions. God bless me!” Biden joked with about 70 donors gathered at a San Francisco venture capital firm on Thursday.

Biden similarly referenced the money in jest at an earlier fundraiser Thursday hosted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California: “He said my son made a billion dollars in China. I don’t know where the hell it is.”


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