Home News Man Thrown Out of DC Restaurant for Harassing Customer wearing a MAGA Hat

Man Thrown Out of DC Restaurant for Harassing Customer wearing a MAGA Hat

by Paul Goldberg

A anti-Trump customer was thrown out of a DC restaurant for harassing a Trump supporter over simply wearing a MAGA hat.

In his original tweet, TJ Helmstetter claimed to be a victim and made it sound like he was simply “standing up to a Nazi.”

However, when asked about details by Dave Weigel it became clear that his idea of a “Nazi” was simply a customer wearing a MAGA hat.

In addition the customer was doing absolutely nothing wrong and Helmstetter took it upon himself to harass the Trump voter.

Journalist Michael Tracey was not impressed, writing “This guy is just a standard fare Democratic operative, not some wild-eyed radical. It’s really sad that people live this way.”

Then why start the “MAGA hat is racist” narrative again?

He accosted a stranger and then accused him of being a racist with absolutely no knowledge of the man… because of a hat. Then patted himself on the back stating he “stood up to a Nazi”.

When did this become ok?


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Zero Nada July 6, 2019 - 17:30

Just another Democrat Sissyfag Cocksucker fighting Pussy Battles to help shore up his Impotent Low Self Esteem while Transitioning to Complete Kunt. Congrats Douchebag!

Freeland_Dave July 6, 2019 - 18:04

The customer should have decked his ass. The attacker wants to act like a stupid liberal bully so oblige him and treat him like one like one. But thankfully this guy shows more restraint. Funny, usually those in the Hill Country are more Conservative. Guess there are enough liberals in DC to keep the business open. I like BBQ but not enough to patronize a place like this. If inattentive management had ejected the Helmstetter when he went off I’d take a different stance. But, according to what I read in the article that didn’t happen. Soooo. . . .

If I were a DC cop, and I know it wouldn’t last long, I’d end my career by going into this place in full uniform wearing the MAGA red hat and dare Helmstetter to take a verbal poke at me or someone else. “Go ahead punk make my day.” Real brave in a crowd of idiots but not so brave when your all alone eh Helmstetter? Hey, it’s not your favorite BBQ place any more now is it. Don’t let your alligator mouth get your humming bird butt get you into trouble.


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