Home News Make America Last Again: Team Biden Circles The Wagons To Protect Iran After Assassination (VIDEO)

Make America Last Again: Team Biden Circles The Wagons To Protect Iran After Assassination (VIDEO)

by Paul Goldberg
Make America Last Again: Team Biden Circles The Wagons To Protect Iran After Assassination (VIDEO)

If you want to know what America’s foreign policy is going to be look no further than what team Biden is saying about the recent assassination of a nuclear scientist in Iran.

Admiral Mike Mullen compared the assassination to Soleimani’s death upset that the hit will make it “much more challenging” for Biden to re-negotiate an Iran Nuclear Deal.

Should Biden be inaugurated President, he is committed to making Iran great again and dumping on the USA.

The New York Times also wrote a fluff piece claiming that the Iranian official’s nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes only.

According to the Times Iran has already told the Biden team they would love to get their old deal back.

Iran has said repeatedly that it will go back into full compliance with the nuclear agreement if the Biden administration agrees to do the same, and lifts the onerous sanctions piled on by President Trump.

The Times also reaffirm Biden is committed to renegotiating with Iran:

Mr. Biden has vowed to return to negotiations with Iran, but he and his team cannot do much more than message through the media to Iran to stay patient until the inauguration on Jan. 20 — and to the Israelis to stop their campaign of sabotage.

The Times then claimed that if Iran obtains nuclear weapons it’s only because of Israel’s aggression.

It would be the ultimate tragedy if Israel’s aggression now led Iran to change its calculus and go for weapons. This could spark a nuclear arms race throughout the region and ensure that the Middle East remains dysfunctional, riven by sectarian and other conflicts, its peoples’ potential for productive work stymied and its youth vulnerable to recruitment by terrorists who have struck innocent people around the world.

Iran and Iraq used to throw chemical weapons at each other and now they want nukes.

What Biden is planning on doing could be worse than former President Bill Clinton’s blunder of a deal with North Korea.

From the New York Times, October 1994:

The accord calls for a consortium of nations, led by South Korea and Japan, to provide the North with two light-water nuclear reactors, designed in a manner that makes it far more difficult for the North to convert nuclear waste into atomic weapons.The total cost of the project was put at $4 billion by Robert L. Gallucci, the chief American negotiator with the North. The financing would be supplied by South Korea, Japan and possibly Germany, Russia and the United States.

We all know how that deal turned out, what could possibly go wrong in Iran?

New York Times

Written by Staff WriterNovember 29, 2020

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