Home News Major networks ignore bipartisan calls to investigate why Gov Cuomo put COVID patients back in nursing homes, except Fox News

Major networks ignore bipartisan calls to investigate why Gov Cuomo put COVID patients back in nursing homes, except Fox News

by J.C McCallum

Fox News Special Report host Bret Baier was the lone news outlet covering the news that a bipartisan group of lawmakers are calling for an investigation into Cuomo’s decision to send COVID patients back to the rest homes from whence they came:

Here’s more from Newsbusters:

NBC Nightly News may have been the lone network to dare report on how Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had forced nursing homes to take in COVID patients (and then deny them access to the state’s supply of personal protective equipment) last week, but come Wednesday, they were just as silent as ABC’s World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News on reporting on calls to appoint outside counsel and investigate.

Instead, CBS and NBC focused on the efforts of congressional Democrats to investigate President Trump for firing inspectors general.

But while those three were silent, Fox News Channel’s Special Report was on the case. “Tonight legislators are calling for independent investigations into nursing home policies in New York and New Jersey. Critics say actions by the Democratic governors in both states may have cost many people their lives,” anchor Bret Baier announced at the top of the segment.

Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas began his report by noting that New York and New Jersey accounted for over a third of all nursing home deaths in the country.

“New York legislators are renewing a bipartisan call to launch an independent investigation into whether or not Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policy forcing the state’s long-term care facilities to accept COVID-19 patients led to needless deaths of vulnerable elderly people,” he reported.

Llenas spoke with a Republican state senator and a Democratic state assemblyman to get their input:

ROB ORTT (R-New York State Senate): There’s no question the number of deaths that we have seen in New York could have – and I believe – should have been lower. This is a direct result of the policies that Governor Cuomo put in place early on.


RICHARD GOTTFRIED (D-New York State Assembly): The attorney general ought to do what is sometimes done, which is appoint an outside counsel. And that should be well funded.

Later in the show, during their panel discussion, Axios reporter Jonathan Swan shared how baffled he was that Cuomo was still polling well despite the massive amount of death in his stateL “That’s the thing that I find really tough to explain. He’s obviously been very vocal, public, you know, with these press conferences. I wonder whether that is going to kind of match up against the outcome in New York.”

As they were shifting away from the topic, and possibly giving an explanation to Swan, Baier pointed out the fact that Cuomo “really hasn’t been pressed about that fully.”

While the media has been trashing DeSantis in Florida, they’ve been giving Cuomo a pass while he’s turning nursing homes into mortuaries and it looks like they’re continuing to do so.

By the way, let’s not forget CNN and their hard-hitting interviews with Governor Cuomo. Seriously, watch it:

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