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Look Who Just Showed Up: Michelle Obama Schedules Rally In Key Battleground State

by Paul Goldberg

Well isn’t this interesting as the Democrat Primary field has shrunk, Michelle Obama hits the campaign trail in a key battleground state.

On March 27th Michelle Obama is hitting the campaign trail in the key battleground state of Michigan claiming that she is just trying to boost voter turnout.

Michelle Obama is co-chair for the group “When We All Vote,” and is going to host a rally at the University of Detroit, the tickets are free, but it is not open to the general public.

Michelle Obama launched the group in 2018 during the mid-term elections to help get Democrats elected. It is very curious that Obama is having a rally to get out the vote before the party has a nominee. She certainly is not going to encourage people during her rally to vote for President Trump.

Some are wondering if Michelle Obama getting her name out there in case there is a brokered convention and so the super delegates pick her.

According to the local Fox affiliate in Detroit, the rally is open to the organization’s volunteers and partners, educators, college students, and high school students who are eligible to vote.

On Super Tuesday Biden won Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia. Sanders won California, Colorado, Utah, and Virginia. Maine was too close to call but as it stands both candidates will get eight delegates.

“We were told when you get to Super Tuesday, it may be over,” an energized Biden told supporters late Tuesday. “Well, it may be over for the other guy.”

“I want to thank our incredible supporters and volunteers across the country. Your faith in our campaign — especially when the pundits and the media counted us out — means the world to me,” he added later in a tweet. “Let’s go win this, together.”

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Written by Staff WriterMarch 4, 2020

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