Home News Literal NBC headline: “For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical.”

Literal NBC headline: “For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical.”

by J.C McCallum

NBC has won the wacky insane transgender headline of the week with this doozy:

Uh… what?!? Now I tried to wade through this thing so that I could give you the highlights, and boy is it bizarre.

Basically, they are talking about persons who were born as females, are “transitioning” to males, and they’re upset about having to deal with their national menstruation. Because.. biologically, they’re females.

Also because our dimension makes zero sense.

IN addition, they whine about the cost of feminine hygiene products:

A box of 36 tampons, which could easily be used within one menstruation period, could cost as much as $12 — that’s significantly more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Additionally, menstrual hygiene products sold in the U.S. are still subject to sales tax in 32 states.

HUH? “As much as $12” means you can get them for much cheaper. And that’s still 33 cents per each tampon. Is this really an enormous issue? I guess it is.

Also they’re scared of opening tampons in the bathroom?

Even if cost is a nonissue, using a men’s restroom can be daunting for those who have their period. The sound of opening a tampon or pad, or simply carrying one, can lead to unwanted attention.

“You might have this monthly terror where you’re concerned that if you go to the restroom, and someone sees a tampon, then they’re going to start asking questions,” Heng-Lehtinen said.

I have heard all manner of unholy horrific things in men’s bathrooms, trust me, the sound of opening a package is not one you should be worrying about.

So I think the agenda here is to redefine menstruation as something that both genders experience, in order to try to obliterate the distinction between genders in service to the transgender lobby. Make sense?

We live in insane times, friends.

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