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Liberals Implode as Ben Carson Puts Abused Women's Needs Before Transgender Dogma

by Neon Nettle

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pushes to protect women’s shelters

 on&nbsp21st September 2019 @ 4.00pm

califonria liberals attacked ben carson this week over claims he was attacking transgenders

Califonria liberals attacked Ben Carson this week over claims he was attacking transgenders

Ben Carson has responded to claims from California liberals, who accuse the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was “attacking” transgenders because he put the needs of abused women before trans dogma.

On Friday, Carson sent out an agency-wide email, slamming a “blatant mischaracterization” of his comments about transgenderism.

Carson was accused of making “offensive” remarks during his visit to California this week, which reportedly triggered bureaucrats in San Francisco.

Citing “three people present” at a HUD meeting, the Washington Post broke the story

 on Thursday:

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson expressed concern about “big, hairy men” trying to infiltrate women’s homeless shelters during an internal meeting, according to three people present who interpreted the remarks as an attack on transgender women.

While visiting HUD’s San Francisco office this week, Carson also lamented that society no longer seemed to know the difference between men and women, two of the agency staffers said.

Carson’s remarks visibly shocked and upset many of the roughly 50 HUD staffers who attended Tuesday’s meeting, and prompted at least one woman to walk out in protest, the staffers said.

ben carson was accused of attacking transgenders by suggesting shelters for abused women should be for women only

Ben Carson was accused of ‘attacking’ transgenders by suggesting shelters for abused women should be for women only

According to Breitbart, a HUD official, who had not been present at the meeting, defended Carson, saying he never used derogatory language against transgendered people.

The official added that “Carson was referring to men who pretend to be women to gain access to battered women’s shelters — and not singling out transgender women as ‘big, hairy men.’”

The Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights organization, slammed Carson on Thursday evening, according to Politico:

“Ben Carson has spent his career in politics expressing disgust toward the existence of transgender people,” Alphonso David, president of the LGBTQ advocacy group, said late Thursday.

“From his comments on trans people in the military to his support for a proposal that would literally permit emergency shelters to turn away trans people who are homeless to his unqualified support for a White House that has made attacking trans people a mantra, it is hardly surprising that Ben Carson would blatantly dehumanize trans people in his official capacity,” David said.

But in his email to HUD employees, Carson said his words had been twisted, according to Politico:

“During a recent meeting with local staff in San Francisco, I made reference to the fact that I had heard from many women’s groups about the difficulty they were having with women’s shelters because sometimes men would claim to be women,” Carson wrote.

“This made many of the women feel unsafe, and one of the groups described a situation to me in which ‘big hairy men’ would come in and have to be accepted into the women’s shelter even though it made the women in the facility very uncomfortable,” he added.

“My point was that we have to permit policies that take into consideration the rights of everybody, including those women.”

ben carson said victims in shelters for abused women are fearful that men may dress as women to infiltrate the facilities

Ben Carson said victims in shelters for abused women are fearful that men may dress as women to infiltrate the facilities

Carson’s concern — that women could be at risk from being housed together with those who are biologically male but who say that their gender identity is female — is not unique.

In Canada, a “progressive” women’s shelter for rape victims has insisted on excluding transgendered women (who are biologically male) out of concern for the safety of the women whom it is devoted to protecting.

The response has been vandalism and harassment by angry activists.

In May, Carson announced a new HUD rule that would allow local homeless shelters to decide for themselves if they wanted to use biological sex, not gender identity, as a basis for deciding how to provide housing.

The policy under the Obama administration had been a one-size-fits-all rule forcing all shelters to recognize gender identity.

Carson has decided that the safety of homeless women must come before transgender concerns about identity — and before the political sentiments of agency bureaucrats based in a state that has failed to tackle growing homelessness.

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Christian Gains September 21, 2019 - 17:59

#1] DOCTOR, {World class Brain SURGEON}, Ben Carson is caring for the SAFETY of WOMEN in SHELTERS, & “ANTS in their PANTS” can’t find anything better to do than to EITHER, piss off the (NEARLY NON EXISTENT); POLICE, OR PRAISE THE DEVIL!!!???????????????????????? — OBVIOUSLY STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Nada September 21, 2019 - 20:09


Freeland_Dave September 21, 2019 - 22:44

Dr. Carson is an excellent example of a God following Christian instead of pandering to humanism. I respect him and pray that God shields him and his family from the derelicts of humanity who follow Satan instead of the Creator God that loves all of humanity and would save all of them if they only turned to Him and believed in His Word. Sadly most will doom themselves as is their rightful choice. It does not mean that God does not love them or that His followers not love them, but simply that He will have to destroy them and all memory of their existence because they simply would not be happy living through eternity with the God they hate.

Dr. Ben, I pray for you but do believe that you should step away from the insanity of politics. Stay strong in the Lord as others attempt to berate you. We both know the end of time is near and I do admire your attempts to send the Gospel Message of God/Jesus the Christ to those who need to hear it.

mauloa September 22, 2019 - 02:29

This is a perfect example of the solipsistic sick mindset who put only their agenda as important – at the expense of a truly serious one – abused women. This mindset is officious to say the least.


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