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Law & Order: SVU Smears Covington Students and Makes Omar Character a “Hero”

by Paul Goldberg
Law & Order: SVU Smears Covington Students and Makes Omar Character a “Hero”

NBC’s “SVU” smeared the Covington Catholic boys on a recent episode that continued to push the media lie that the boys were bullies, and has sparked several law suits.

Covington boy Nick Sandmann has filed suit against NBC. Fox News reported that Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann is suing NBCUniversal for a whopping $275 million over the media coverage he received earlier this year, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Sandmann was at the center of a viral controversy back in January, alongside reports suggesting that he and his classmates had initiated a confrontation with Native American elder Nathan Phillips outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Subsequent reporting and video evidence contradicted that version of events.

Sandmann’s attorney, Todd V. McMurty, announced the defamation suit against NBCUniversal.

The recent “SVU” episode appears to mock the situation and the law suit, while highlighting a “Ilhan Omar” type character.

Watch the video:

News Busters reported that NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is really stretching that “ripped from the headlines” mindset with its latest episode. Not only does SVU maintain the media lie about the Covington Catholic kids (this time with Jewish students), the show also manages to play defense for Rep. Ilhan Omar (with a Muslim councilwoman standing in for “Native American elder” Nathan Phillips). Who knew you could fit so much intersectional dishonesty into one hour?

The May 9 episode “Assumptions” opens with two Jewish teenage boys running from a vandalized synagogue where we find Muslim Councilwoman Nahla Nasar (Nazneen Contractor) has been raped. Since one of the teens, named Ari (Ted Sutherland), wore a red cap, a narrative quickly forms, especially when Nasar points him out in a lineup. “This boy grabbed my hijab and spat in my face,” she says. “These people are Islamophobes. It’s in their blood. One of these boys must have raped me.”

From Breitbart 

NBC crime procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit featured a “ripped from the headlines” theme in its latest episode, which smeared the Covington Catholic kids by pitting them against an Ilhan Omar-styled character who is portrayed as a hero.

The plot centered on a poor, put-upon Islamic city politician being confronted by a red ballcap-wearing crowd of young men who scream at her and taunt her. But the episode also throws in a big dollop of male oppression and lesbianism for good measure, Newsbusters reported.

The Law & Order: SVU  episode entitled, “Assumptions,” opens with a pair of teenaged boys running away from a vandalized mosque in which we soon see that Muslim Councilwoman Nahla Nasar (Nazneen Contractor) has been raped.

We later find out that the teens who supposedly vandalized the mosque are Jewish… because there are lots of Jews running around New York vandalizing mosques, apparently. And minutes later we see a Jewish teen named Ari (Ted Sutherland) leading a group of teens who are clearly modeled after the left’s version of the Covington Catholic kids who were maligned by the media for “confronting” a Native American group in Washington D.C. early this year. The tip-in for that characterization is that Ari wears a MAGA-like red ballcap on his head in every scene as he screams spittle-specked hatred into the Muslim woman’s face.

Early in the episode, the SVU team is not only investigating the rape reported by the Muslim councilwoman but a supposed “hate crime” when Ari was seen to be grabbing the woman’s hijab off of her head. “his boy grabbed my hijab and spat in my face,” Nasar says of the Jewish teens. “These people are Islamophobes. It’s in their blood. One of these boys must have raped me.”

Nasar accuses the Jewish teens of raping her as well as vandalizing the mosque and makes public pronouncements that the boys and the police both are oppressing her because she is a hijab-wearing, traditional Muslim. Nasar also parades around defiantly poking fingers in people’s face for their supposed Islamophobia.

From there, the politically-charged episode takes a few twists and turns and moves away from the Jewish Covington teens by depicting the SVU team finding a longer video that proves that it was Nasar who provoked the teens and the “hijab grab” didn’t actually occur. However, unlike the real Covington incident, the longer video did not exonerate the kids entirely as in the SVU episode the Jewish teens are still clearly filled with hate and are very confrontational and anti-Muslim.

As the episode leaves the Jewish teens behind, the plot takes a few odd twists that layers on a few more social justice tropes. As the SVU investigators dig into the case, they soon discover that Nasar’s ex-husband has been stalking her and we find that he is a raging sexist. The ex’s male chauvinism is compounded by his traditional Muslim ideals and the fact that Nasar is far from a traditional Muslim woman because … *big reveal* … she’s really a lesbian.

The episode comes to a conclusion that seems to satisfy every social justice criteria. It finds Nasar’s ex-husband convicted for raping her and sends her traditional Muslim parents to falling at her feet and accepting her as their newly outed lesbian daughter. Oddly, she doesn’t even lose her political base despite that she lied about the Jewish teens and hid the fact that she’s lesbian by pretending to be a traditional, observant Muslim.

Meanwhile, attorneys representing real-life Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann have filed a lawsuit aimed at NBC for $275 million over defamation.


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zordana9 May 11, 2019 - 14:45

I am so sick of shows that are meant to entertain you just regurgitating CNN news.
They are ruining all the good shows with their Left wing tripe.

All meant to be subliminal i suppose but it’s not working on most of us because we switch off. The Good fight is another one…

BilboQBaggins May 11, 2019 - 15:21

I stopped watching SVU years ago because of its incessant SJW bent. All of the good ole shoot em up, knock em down shows have taken on a socialist-democrat plot line now. Especially sickening are the medical series and their “free healthcare for illegal alien invaders ” plots. Everything is based on fluffy feel good notions with absolutely no logical base. Snowflake socialist utopia that inevitably leads to Venezuela.

old409 May 11, 2019 - 16:03

I rarely watch network tv. I’m a Gunsmoke rerun type. The old tv shows had a good story and usually a small dose of morality in them. I sometimes wonder if that little dose of morality, the difference between right and wrong, is what is missing in today’s society. I can’t think of a newer tv series , in the last ten years or so , that wasn’t pushing some type of political agenda. They use sitcoms to push their Liberal Agendas. It won’t be long until we have a sitcom about friendly,kind ,old child molesting uncle Bob.

Afterheart May 13, 2019 - 16:31

“It won’t be long until we have a sitcom about friendly,kind ,old child molesting uncle Bob.”
Well, their is the Creepy Sleepy Joe horror / sitcom going on right now

Afterheart May 11, 2019 - 17:02

I believe that Mr Sandmann’s attorneys are in the process of suing NBC. This episode should make for an open and shut case in favor of Mr. Sandmann now that NBC has decided doubledown on their leftist narrative.

Michael Higgins May 11, 2019 - 17:23

I hope that Sandmann wins the lawsuit against the news side of NBC, but the NBC entertainment side only airs the series. Dick Wolf’s production company is responsible for what the writers put in the scripts. And, yes, there is too much SJW garbage in the show. That said, almost all the censors on all the networks went to sleep years ago.

Afterheart May 11, 2019 - 17:24

NBC broadcast this tripe and should and will be held accountable.

origwwotp May 11, 2019 - 17:45

I hope the Covington School writes a letter of protest, and that Nick’s Attorneys writes a letter of censure and publishes it. They stole his story and twisted it into a nasty portrait for his “character.”

Time to put a boycott on Law and Order by all patriots, true Americans, for dispicable ‘story telling.’

No wonder I turned of TV shows in ’75. No-ad movies and weather are the only things tolerable on the thing.

Larry Gaines May 11, 2019 - 22:51


Aurobindo Banerjee May 12, 2019 - 01:42

The Left-Liberal parasites all the world over are going to destroy mankind and the world.
America ought to return to the Natives all that stolen from them and cut the Muslims to their size. The Native Americans and the Whites, with the Hindus, alone can save the US from an eminent take-over of the country by the Islamists who are up India and ruled it for 1100 years and again want to rule over the divided country. America should learn a lesson from India’s history.

Triceratop May 14, 2019 - 21:53

Bombard NBC with your thoughts, not the choir. These jerks need to hear from us, now, and loud.


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