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Latests Arrest In Kenosha Indicates That Charges Against Rittenhouse May Be Dropped

by Paul Goldberg
Latests Arrest In Kenosha Indicates That Charges Against Rittenhouse May Be Dropped

Another person has been arrested for their actions during the riots in Kenosha indicates that some of the most serious charges Kyle Rittenhouse is facing may be dropped.

Joshua Ziminski, 35, has been charged with disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon for when he allegedly fired his weapon during the incident on August 25.

The charging document, obtained by Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit found that detectives obtained multiple videos that show Ziminski “was holding a black handgun, which he was holding in his left hand, pointing downward. Detective Howard reports that in reviewing multiple other videos, he was able to see the defendant and Kelly Ziminski, in and around multiple other people on the streets, and the defendant was seen holding the handgun down at his side in said videos.”

“In another video, the defendant and Kelly are seen walking near a fire in the area of the Ultimate Gas Station lot. In later video, the defendant’s right arm is seen on the video, which is taken near 63rd Street and Sheridan Road, in the City and County of Kenosha, State of Wisconsin. Detective Howard reports the defendant’s arm pointing the gun upward towards the sky,” the document explains. “Detective Howard observed a muzzle flash emit from the handgun, and heard a gunshot at the same time. In another video, the defendant is clearly seen at that same location. The defendant is seen walking in the same area, holding his right arm upwards, and firing off one shot from his handgun. The defendant and his wife are then seen leaving the area. Several other people are in the nearby vicinity when the defendant fires the handgun.”

Police also detail that Ziminski and his wife both admitted he fired a “warning shot.”

The latest update helps Rittenhouse’s case that he feared for his life and acted in self-defense. Heck, even the New York Times thought Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

“While Mr. Rittenhouse is being pursued by the group, an unknown gunman fires into the air, though it’s unclear why. The weapon’s muzzle flash appears in footage filmed at the scene.”

“Mr. Rittenhouse turns toward the sound of gunfire as another pursuer lunges toward him from the same direction. Mr. Rittenhouse then fires four times, and appears to shoot the man in the head,” the Times report continues.

There’s a good argument that Ziminski could be charged for the first person that Rittenhouse shot. The “warning shot” fired by Ziminski was the catalyst that turned a bad situation into a deadly one.

Earlier this week it was announced that Illinois will not criminally charge Rittenhouse. The only charge against Rittenhouse that could be problematic is that he was caring a firearm under the age of 18.

The Gateway Pundit

Written by Staff WriterOctober 14, 2020

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