Home News Latest Update In Hunter Biden Case Indicates Bill Barr Protected Biden

Latest Update In Hunter Biden Case Indicates Bill Barr Protected Biden

by Paul Goldberg
Latest Update In Hunter Biden Case Indicates Bill Barr Protected Biden

It’s all coming out now, it sure looks like Bill Barr helped Biden.

Napoleon Bonaparte was credited saying, “The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.” That saying couldn’t be more true after we learned this week that Hunter Biden has been under investigation for two years.

On October 30, 2020, the Justice Department confirmed that the FBI did investigate Hunter Biden however, dropped the case because they were worried how they obtained the laptop wouldn’t hold up in court. What they didn’t tell us is that Hunter was still under investigation.

The Associated Press (who has now decided to report on the story) reported the investigation was launched in 2018, a year before Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president.

Despite the fact that the investigation occurred a year before Biden launched his campaign the AP reports:

Investigators did not reach out until recently because of Justice Department practice against taking overt investigative actions in the run-up to an election, one of the people said. The people familiar with the investigation insisted on anonymity to discuss an ongoing probe.

Bill Barr has done some great things while serving President Trump but nobody can tell me he didn’t know about this investigation. Secondly, did it ever cross the DOJ’s mind that the American people – regardless of party – should know if one of their candidates is in bed with another country? Or that their son is a security risk?

If you are a Bernie supporter you should be even more ticked off than Republicans because they really got screwed.

The American people have the right to know if one of their prospective leader’s family has shady business dealings. The establishment had no problem publically probing the Trump family.

Attorney General Bill Barr had a duty to inform the American people and he could have gotten out in front of it in 2018, instead, he stayed silent and look where that got us.

In responding to the news that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation President Trump said, if that was reported in the fall it would have affected 10% of the vote and he’s right.

When President Trump needed help the most Barr stayed silent.

Associated Press

Written by Staff WriterDecember 10, 2020

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