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Kamala Harris says her health care plan is so superior that she doesn’t need to disprove Warren’s

by Paul Goldberg

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris called her health care plan “superior” to that of Sen. Elizabeth and that she won’t have to “take apart” Warren’s plan to prove that it won’t work.

The story: Sen. Warren (D-MA) recently unveiled her version of Medicare-for-all which is projected to cost just under $52 trillion over a period of 10 years. Warren clarified that she won’t raise “one penny” in taxes to the middle class in order to pay for her disputed plan.

Critics of the plan, however, have argued the Massachusetts senator won’t be able to raise $52 trillion without increasing taxes on middle-class Americans, according to The Washington Post.

Morning Joe economic analyst and former Obama official Steve Rattner also expressed his doubts about Warren’s plan during Thursday’s edition of the MSNBC program.

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Later in the show, co-host Willie Geist asked Sen. Kamala Harris about Rattner’s objections to Warren’s plan, saying, “Steve walked through the charts suggesting that the numbers don’t add up, not suggesting but proving that they don’t add up,” Geist said. “For people who don’t pay attention closely, what’s the distinction between Elizabeth Warren’s plan and your plan to change the healthcare system?”

“I’m not taking away people’s private plan options,” Harris responded, adding that “I supported Medicare for all at the beginning of the process, and I heard from people. And they said, we want choice.”

Harris’ plan would allow private “Medicare Advantage” plans which would be funded by the federal government. She said her plan has a “10-year transition, as opposed to a four-year transition,” and that “I’m not going to increase middle class taxes, so there’s very significant differences.”

“So you say you will not raise taxes on the middle class, Elizabeth Warren has said the same. Do you believe she is telling the truth, with that 34 trillion dollars of new revenue she’ll have to find?” Geist asked.

“I think the voters will make that decision,” Harris said.

“But do you believe it’s possible to not raise middle class taxes and to raise that kind of revenue?” Geist pressed.

“I don’t know that, I don’t know, we’ll see how the math plays out,” Harris replied. “But I know, I can speak about my plan, and the voters will talk about the comparison and decide what they prefer.”

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Rattner then interrupted, telling Harris “what people come to me and say is ‘Why aren’t the other Democrats pointing this out?’ Why aren’t the other Democrats doing in effect what I’m doing, which is taking apart her numbers and showing that the numbers don’t work?’ So why aren’t you and your fellow Democrats taking apart her numbers and showing that they don’t work?”

“I am so convinced that my plan is superior to that plan that I don’t really feel the need to do that,” Harris responded. “I am really convinced, and I know that we have done the work on my plan. I am not going to take away people’s choice about having a public or a private plan, I am going to give people a transition that allows folks like organized labor to actually renegotiate their contract.”

“But she’s going to add 34 trillion dollars of spending that she hasn’t paid for, and doesn’t the public have a right to understand that from people like you?” Rattner asked.

“Absolutely, and I’m glad you’ve done that work, Steve,” Harris said.

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