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Judge Ends Avenatti’s Reign Of Terror, Revokes Bail And Basically Sends Him To Jail For Rest of Life

by Paul Goldberg

Yesterday was Michael Avenatti’s last day of freedom. The walls were closing in as his multiple criminal trial dates rapidly approached, but the beauty of our system is we allow the accused a fair defense and bail terms so they can prepare for the defense or just enjoy some lasting moments of freedom.

Avenatti, despite all the charges – IRS, State, Federal – was granted bail on the condition he stop his criminal ways.

For a man who knows damn well he is going away for a long time, you would think he would settle his affairs, make amends and try to make his last days of freedom last as long as possible.

Instead, Avenatti continued his crime spree and was arrested again and the judge denied him bail, effectively starting his life sentence yesterday.

“I believe the danger to the community is real and palpable,” Judge James Selna said in revoking his bail.

Avenatti looted another million from clients and creditors after he was arrested and that is why he lost bail.

From Red State:

It seems Avenatti has not learned any lessons since being indicted on fraud, extortion, embezzlement, tax evasion, and other financial charges. Five weeks after his arrest, he received $1 million in legal fees from a client’s settlement. Authorities say he “shift[ed] it through multiple bank accounts and use[d] cashier’s checks to spend it.” Here’s how they say it was spent:

Avenatti used the money to cover rent on his luxury apartment in Century City, pay his legal bills and buy a $50,000 Mercedes-Benz, according to the court documents.

Avenatti initially tried to buy the car in his own name but then worked with his first ex-wife, Christine Avenatti Carlin, to put it in her name instead, prosecutors allege. He drew from the $1 million to pay his personal driver, James Cameron, they said.

Is your blood boiling yet? If it wasn’t enough that he used money that wasn’t his to pay cash for a Mercedes-Benz, read on.

Avenatti also used the money to pay membership fees to Exclusive Resorts, an elite vacation club with luxury properties in Florida, New York and California, where Avenatti stayed at least four times while awaiting trial, prosecutors allege. He allowed a girlfriend to stay at an Exclusive Resorts property in Tuscany, Italy, they said.

Prosecutors noted that Avenatti had an Italian passport when he was arrested last year and said his girlfriend’s trip to Tuscany raised questions about whether Avenatti had hidden assets in Europe.

 At the time he spent all of this money, he knew he owed more than that amount to creditors and was derelict in his child support and alimony obligations to his second ex-wife, Lisa Avenatti Storie. But hey, it’s important for an international playboy such as Michael Avenatti to have an “Exclusive Resort” at which to hole up his future ex-wife.


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