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Joy Behar Disgraces ABC, Tries To Blame Trump For George Floyd’s Death

by J.C McCallum

Joy Behar needs a fact-checker with all the nonsense she repeats on The View. It is normal behavior for her to take cheap shots at Trump but this one was not funny, accurate, or in good taste. In fact, this time she went a bit too far.

Trump has, of course, ordered his DOJ to look into the George Floyd death but for Joy that didn’t matter. She wants to blame him in some part for everything so she found a way. Disgraceful.

Behar said, “This is an intractable problem that we have in this country that just doesn’t want to go away.”

“You know, I was going to come out and say, isn’t it great at least the one good thing about it is we have video cameras, and we have proof of what’s going on.”

“Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t even see this, and God knows what was going on then.”

She added, “I was reading the story. The cops had body cams on that were activated.”

“There were people on the street who were videotaping the proceedings or whatever you want to call this, and there were actually people calling the cops out.”

“So even with all of that, they did not stop putting their foot on his neck the way they did.”

She continued, “You know, it doesn’t help, I mean, I hate to bring Trump into this, but it doesn’t help that the president of the United States says things like, don’t be so nice.”

“Remember when he said that? I don’t like that there is this feeling that it is open season on these people.”

“It’s very frustrating. I don’t know what else to say about it at this point. There are no words anymore. It’s got to be stopped.”

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