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Journalist Andy Ngo concerned about Antifa reaction if Trump wins reelection

by Paul Goldberg

Independent Oregon journalist Andy Ngo said it is “concerning and scary” how the violent left-wing group Antifa might react if President Trump should win reelection next year.

The story: Ngo, who regularly reports on the group, was viciously attacked by members of Antifa while covering a protest in Portland in June. After the attack Ngo was hospitalized and suffered a brain hemorrhage.

During a Thursday interview with The Daily Caller, conducted after he spoke at The Heritage Foundation about the group’s origin, activism, and future in the U.S., Ngo expressed concerns about the possible reaction from the group if Trump gets reelected, arguing he might even have to move from his hometown of Portland.

“I believe it will be an even bigger reaction than what we saw in 2016 in some cities, like Portland and other places, because now Antifa has more name recognition,” Ngo said. “The opposition to the Trump administration is more and more deranged, you know, just day in and day out — using language comparing … Trump to Hitler.”

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“There’ll be four years of them amplifying this, and then they’ll have another thing to launch so … This is concerning and scary. It should scare particularly people who live in left-wing strongholds, cities on the coast. That’s where you’re going to probably have political violence.”

He said the investigator of his assault case hasn’t contacted him in months.

“To me, it’s intentional that nobody on [the] city council reached out to me after what happened,” Ngo said. “I was actually expecting the mayor to at least give me a call, you know, to say something similar to like [Rep.] Eric Swalwell, like, ‘I disagree with you blah, blah, blah, but what happened to you is wrong.’ And that never happened. So, it’s frustrating just on like a human level.”

“I’m going to have to move,” Ngo said. “It’s just really become untenable since June, of the repeated doxxing. I’ve stayed where I’ve stayed because my father is ill, but it’s, unfortunately, the reaction and hatred against me is bleeding into … targeting those who are around me, and I can’t put them through that.”

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Less than a month ago, Ngo was harassed at his family home by a group of suspected Antifa members who wore printed masks of his face and repeatedly rang his doorbell and banged on the windows.

“These [six] individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family’s home last night, repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property, and gestured at cameras,” Ngo tweeted along with a video of the intruders. “There were no candy bags.”

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