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Joe Biden Is A Loser: Mandate Takes Another Massive Blow In & Out Of Court

by Paul Goldberg
Joe Biden Is A Loser: Mandate Takes Another Massive Blow In & Out Of Court

Joe’s vaccine mandate has taken another huge hit in and out of court.

A federal court has temporarily prohibited the Biden administrations mandate for health workers at hospitals that receive federal funding.

The ruling by a federal judge applies to health care working in 10 states that sued to block the November 5th rule. Those states are Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

“The scale falls clearly in favor of healthcare facilities operating with some unvaccinated employees, staff, trainees, students, volunteers and contractors, rather than the swift, irremediable impact of requiring healthcare facilities to choose between two undesirable choices — providing substandard care or providing no healthcare at all,” Federal Judge Matthew Schelp wrote in a 32-page order.

But that’s not the only blow Biden has taken, even MSNBC admits Joe is losing.

In a report authored by Chuck Todd titled “How Biden Lost The Vaccine Mandate Messaging Fight” published at MSNBC highlights that Americans are against mandates.

From Chuck Todd:

More than 70 percent of adults in the United States are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. But fewer than half of Americans support a vaccine mandate, according to last month’s NBC News poll.

That math — and disparity — tells you all you need to know about how President Biden is losing his Covid vaccine mandate messaging fight.

Per our poll, 47 percent of Americans say they support requiring that everyone who is eligible must get a Covid-19 vaccine, while 50 percent oppose that requirement.

The poll found that 51% of Independents and 77% of Republicans oppose vaccine mandates, it was Democrats who overwhelmingly support forcing vaccinations.

The panic pushers are about to receive another blow, Europe is reporting that -as of the writing of this post –  Omicron cases are only mild or asymptomatic.

“So far, no severe cases or deaths have been reported among these cases,” the ECDC said Tuesday in an update on the variant, based on information from public sources.

The report from from Europe confirms initial reports coming from health officials in South Africa.

Written by Staff Writer

November 30, 2021

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