Home News Jill Biden Just Gave Joe Wonderfully Terrible Advice & We Should Thank Her

Jill Biden Just Gave Joe Wonderfully Terrible Advice & We Should Thank Her

by Paul Goldberg
Jill Biden Just Gave Joe Wonderfully Terrible Advice & We Should Thank Her

We should all start thanking First Lady Jill Biden who has given Joe some fantastic advice.

The only other politician more unpopular than President Joe Biden is his Vice President Kamala Harris who’s approval rating is at 31%.

With the new midterm stats showing Republicans have a +5 point advantage on the generic ballot Jill has a given Joe the plan to turn it all around.

It was reported that Jill Biden and former press secretary Jen Psaki told Joe to stop working with Republicans and go on the offensive.

“I never expected the ultra-MAGA Republicans who seem to control the Republican Party now to have been able to control the Republican Party,’ Biden said publicly last week. ‘I never anticipated that happening.”

The term “ultra-MAGA” was the result of 6 months of opposition research done by Democrats to find the perfect insult to “own” Republicans. Except for the fact that the GOP has proudly embraced the term throwing it back in the Democrat’s face.

Politico reported that Jill Biden told insiders that she’s urging “to be less scripted and more on the offensive.”

She wants this guy in the video below to be less scripted?

He can barely get through an event with the teleprompter.

Folks, I can’t wait to watch Joe Biden on the offensive. What is he going to promote? How he fixed inflation? Or how he stemmed the rise in gas prices?

In their report, Political eludes to what this is really all about by publishing a comment from a former senior advisor to Marco Rubio who now works for Biden.

“Biden’s numbers are soft with his base because he’s not fighting Republicans the way liberal activists want him to,” said Alex Conant, a senior adviser on Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“What got Biden elected was independents turned off by Trump’s constant combativeness,” Conant continued. “This tact is recognition that indies are less important in the midterms and he needs to try to excite Democrats.”

They think if Biden goes on the offensive it will rally the troops by name-calling Republicans giving them the win.

Joe can show his fangs all he wants it won’t help. There’s a recession on the horizon, parents can’t find baby formula, gas prices experts hint at fuel prices being $6 a gallon by the end of summer, and food costs are soaring.

That’s why Biden is doing poorly and the only thing far-left offensive rhetoric is going to do is make him look like an even bigger fool, so have it.


Written by Staff Writer

May 18, 2022

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