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Jeff Sessions just got some good news….

by J.C McCallum

Because of the coronavirus, the state of Alabama is postponing their GOP Senate run-off between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville until July 14:

This is great news for Jeff Sessions because it gives him more time to build support and overcome the reported lead that Tuberville has on him.

We last reported just over a week ago that a new poll showed that Tuberville held a 12 point lead over Sessions. As soon as that poll came out, Trump endorsed Tuberville over his former AG.

I would note that Real Clear Politics did not list that poll by Cygnal on their website, which leads me to wonder if they question the poll’s credibility. In any event, Sessions has more time now to try and rescue his bid for the Senate, which may be a lost cause at this point with Tuberville’s Trump endorsement. The downside of this announcement is for Alabamians, who will likely have to put up with ads from both Sessions and Tuberville for another few months.

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