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Ilhan Omar Faces Investigation Over $369k Payments To Married Staffer She Allegedly Had Affair With

by J.C McCallum

Ilhan Omar is in big trouble and she has no one to blame but herself. Fresh off her second divorce in a few short years – what is wrong with the Dems? – she now faces a serious investigation into her alleged abuse of campaign funds.

If you recall, Omar misused campaign funds in Minnesota and paid fines for her multiple violations.

It appears, at least from the complaint filed by Peter Flaherty, that she is up to the same tricks in Congress.

Look, we have rules for a reason and if Omar broke them she should face the consequences.

From The Daily Mail: If Ilhan for Congress reimbursed Mynett’s LLC for travel so that Rep. Omar would have the benefit of Mynett’s romantic companionship, the expenditure must be considered personal in nature,’ he wrote.

‘Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal expenses collateral to travel…unless personal funds are used to reimburse the committee,’ he added.

But whether the probe ever gets underway is up in the air due to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to schedule hearings to confirm new members of the agency, tasked with enforcing campaign finance laws.

‘This is a matter of frustration,’ Peter Flaherty, the man who brought the complaint against Omar told DailyMail.com.

Ilhan for Congress paid The E Street Group more than $222,000 between August last year and July when DailyMail.com exclusively revealed the affair between Omar and Mynett.

It paid him a whopping $92,746 in July, and in August and September the company pocketed another $54,000, according to figures filed with the FEC. She has until November 20 to file her October figures.

‘If you total her expenditure, about one-third of it went to E Street,’ Flaherty told DailyMail.com. He also said the committee erred by not splitting travel expenses from fundraising.

‘A disbursement can be a ”travel” expense or a ”fundraising” expense but it cannot be both, even if the travel is in conjunction with fundraising activities.’

He claimed both Omar’s campaign and Mynett’s company ‘either continue to disregard the law or misunderstand it.’

‘There continues to be reporting problems,’ Flaherty told DailyMail.com. ‘But the bigger issue is her veracity and credibility.

‘She said she wasn’t having an affair but now, based on DailyMail.com’s reporting it looks like she wasn’t telling the truth.’

David Mitrani, a lawyer who acts for both Omar’s campaign and the E Street Group originally dismissed Flaherty’s complaint, calling it ‘nothing more than blustering to attempt to create the appearance of legal jeopardy when there is none.’

‘The parties have at all times complied with federal campaign finance law,’ Mitrani said.

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