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Ilhan Omar Caught Deleting Incriminating Tweet That Could Prove She Committed Immigration Fraud

by Paul Goldberg

Ilhan Omar just got busted and America wants answers. Look, there could be an innocent explanation for deleting this tweet and if there is one why is Omar not offering it?

While it is true that many cultures call close friends aunts and uncles most don’t call close friends “father.”

It could be in Somalia they do and if so it would be easy for Omar to just say that. But there is nothing but absolute silence coming from her camp.

Again, why delete the tweet if Omar is innocent? In that fathers day tweet from 2013, Ilhan Omar refers to her father as Nur Said.

The claim is she married her brother to commit immigration fraud and that when a refugee and desperate for asylum her family did what thousands have done before – commit fraud.

According to Imam Tawhidi, a peace advocate, reformist Imam, ordained scholar, and national bestselling author said:

“This means her real name is Ilhan Nur Said Some examples for Non-Muslims/Those not from Middle East & North Africa:

‘Mohammad Salman’ means: Mohammad the son of Salman.

‘Mohammad Zayed’ means Mohammad the son of Zayed.

Ilhan’s dad is Nur Said. She’s: ‘Ilhan Nur Said’

Your father is Nur Said? Not: Nur Omar Mohamed?

So you’re Ilhan Nur Said? And you married Ahmed Nur Said,

You married your brother. (Most Americans don’t know that in most Muslim countries, the surname is actually the father’s name)

From The Star Tribune:

In her 2017 divorce, Omar attested that she had no contact with Elmi after their 2011 separation. Conservative activists say photos and other social media posted by Omar and Elmi on Instagram and Facebook suggest Omar may not be telling the truth. The Star Tribune has been unable to independently obtain the original posts, although images purporting to be screen grabs continue to populate right-leaning media sites such as Power Line Blog, PJ Media and Alpha News. They remain in public view.

One image featured on AlphaNewsMN depicts an Instagram photo purportedly posted by Elmi on June 12, 2012, the day after Omar gave birth to her third child. It shows a close-up picture of Elmi holding a newborn child the website says is Omar’s, based on accompanying text that ostensibly refers to the baby girl as “nieces.”

That and other Instagram photos have since been removed.


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Patrick September 18, 2019 - 08:26

toI cant stand her. She needs to go. That said, and I’m being genuine, I read this article, and I’m confused. Possibly, because I don’t understand Muslim/Somalia naming traditions, but how does this prove fraud? She’s under a fake name? Or am I totally mistaken. Please don’t attack this question, I simply don’t get the links. Please break it down got me, pretend I’m a 5-year old … or a 33-year old progressive residing in SF (basically, the same thing).

Predestined2bCon4md September 21, 2019 - 11:18

She’s untouchable for a number of reasons. She’ll always get a pass. It’s the best way we have to know who’s really pulling the strings behind the scenes.


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