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Hunter Biden Quietly Gets Married After Splitting With Brother’s Widow

by Paul Goldberg

New reports show Hunter Biden, the controversial son of 2020 hopeful Joe Biden ran off and quietly got married to a woman from South Africa.

You’ll recall, Hunter Biden left his wife Kathleen Biden, in order to be with his brother’s widow, Hallie.

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People Magazine reported that Hunter Biden, the younger son of Former Vice President-turned-presidential hopeful Joe Biden, recently married South Africa native Melissa Cohen, according to multiple reports.

According to TMZ, Cohen and Hunter tied the knot in Los Angeles on May 16. A source told E! News the couple first met the same month as the nuptials, but have also already gotten matching tattoos. Since news of the couple’s wedding broke, Joe confirmed his son’s marriage to CBS News’ Adam Brewster.

Melissa’s father Lee told Page Six that he hopes to meet Hunter and said of Melissa, “She seems very happy. I’ve only spoken to Hunter briefly. She’s a very special girl. She has lots of poise and she’s very present.”

The surprise wedding comes about a month after a report that he had splitfrom the widow of his late brother, Beau Biden.

Watch the video:

From TMZ

is a newly married man … after a secret wedding that seems to have come together very quickly in Los Angeles.

Joe Biden‘s son, 49-year-old Hunter, tied the knot May 16 with a South African woman named Melissa Cohen. The couple was married by an L.A. minister who runs an instant marriage company, which makes us think Uncle Joe and the rest of the fam were not there.

You’ll recall … Hunter divorced his ex-wife, Kathleen, in 2017 after 23 years of marriage and 3 kids together. The split got pretty nasty before they reached a settlement.

The timing of Hunter’s secret wedding is interesting. Up until recently, he was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother, Beau. There were reports in May they’d broken up, but it was unclear exactly when they split.

Now we know Hunter was back in marriage mode by mid-May. Someone’s not a fan of the single life.


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1 comment

Freeland_Dave June 14, 2019 - 15:51

This may sound tacky but I feel it needs to be said.
1. Is he practicing ancient Judaism where he is supposed to be his deceased brother’s wife’s keeper?
2. No, that can’t be because he divorced his wife and abandoned his three children as their father to be with another woman.
3. From South Africa where many wealthy South African whites suffer from racism against blacks, which is the root cause of unrest in South Africa today.

4. When it comes to his own sexuality towards women it seems he may be following in his daddy’s footsteps. Wait for the hair sniffing and inappropriate touching of women in public.

There is a quotation from the Bible that states, ‘Raise up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he won’t depart from it.’ It seems at first glance that Joe has done a mighty fine job at doing that.

I wonder, what is the history of Joe’s father in relation to his son’s upbringing?

Hey, I warned this comment might be viewed as being tacky but I won’t ignore the donkey standing in the middle of the room. Hopefully my fellow citizens won’t either and vote intelligently in the coming election.

If my comment offends you, as the anti-Trump trolls on DISQUS often say, ‘Deal with it.’ No, I am not a Russian. ;>)


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