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Hunter Biden Gets Caught Using His Dead Brothers Identity And The Reason Is Appalling

by Paul Goldberg

I needed to take a shower after I heard about this, if you were worried that Hunter Biden was just an innocent kid being targeted by Republicans rest easy, your intuitions were correct, he is a total freaking slimeball. My guess is the only reason former Vice President Joe Biden has disowned him is that he is wrapped up in this shady Urkaine business with him. 

Over the past few weeks, we have documented Hunter Biden’s now bizarre paternity case. As more details emerge it’s really only a matter of time before the walls collapse around Hunter.

A private investigator has now claimed and has evidence that Hunter Biden stole his dead brother’s identity to hide his whereabouts.

In a two-page report that has been filed as evidence in the Arkansas paternity case by private investigator Dominic Casey. The report shows that Hunter used stolen identities to check into an Arizona rehabilitation facility as Joseph R. Beau Biden III and Joseph McGee. In October 28, 2018 the identities were found by police after “suspicious items” were found in a Hertz rental car.

“A bag containing the suspicious items, a cellular telephone (Apple) belonging to Shauna Stanglr, who is also known as Puma St. Angel, and a Delaware attorney general badge belonging to Hunter Biden’s deceased brother Joseph R. Beau Biden III were provided to the police officer,” the filing stated. The existence of the Delaware attorney general badge was first reported last May.

The report shows that the rehabilitation facility in Sedona, Arizona, “received a call from Joseph McGee stating his friend was sick and left the vehicle overnight with the keys in the gas cap area because they did not know what to do.”

Hunter Biden is supposed to turn in five years of income to the Arkansas court very soon, and now that a third party has gotten involved appearing before the Senate for a committee investigation at some point may be the least of his worries.

Biden has had a long history of drug use and substance abuse issues, however, using your dead brother’s ID and Delaware Attorney General Badge to conceal your identity is just disgusting, oh and criminal he’s impersonating an officer. 

Washington Examiner

Written by Staff WriterJanuary 8, 2020

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