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Get Ready: Leftists Say The Only Way to Demilitarize The Police Is Gun Control

by Paul Goldberg

Writer Chip Goines is a Boston, Massachusettes based writer, and activist. He has been featured in the Washington Post and on the Reuters wire service.

Goines is claiming that the only way we can successfully demilitarize/defund the police is gun control.

Recently, the Washington Post claimed that the spike in violence in US cities was caused by systemic racism because white people purchased a record amount of guns this spring. Goines doesn’t take the same approach, he claims gun control will demilitarize the police because the police won’t need semi-automatic rifles.

Goines explains that the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 had a “fatal flaw.” Claiming that it left millions of semiautomatic weapons on the street. He claims the 1997 North Hollywood shootout, in which two career bank robbers armed semi-automatic rifles held police at bay for over an hour firing almost 1,100 rounds exposed the flaw.

He never mentions the fact that the two career criminals never should have had guns in the first place because they were convicted felons; typical it’s the gun fault thinking.

Goines writes:

The Defense Department sent the Los Angeles Police Department 600 surplus M-16s — the military version of the AR-15. The incident sparked a nationwide shift in police departments across the country. Even local patrol units became armed to the hilt.

New definition: armed to the hilt means using a firearm with a plastic pistol grip and goes bang every time you squeeze the trigger.

Goines continues:

That massive shift in the power dynamic between police and criminals could only happen because Congress appropriately banned semi-automatic military-style rifles in 1986.

Local law enforcement received even more military surplus equipment as the War on Terror dragged on in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington. Under the Pentagon’s 1033 program, civilian police forces around the United States began to acquire fully armored vehicles, helmets, military-grade body armor and guns and more guns.

The federal assault weapons ban expired in 2004. Lobbying by the National Rifle Association has kept the law from being resurrected.

The NRA successfully lobbied for open carry laws in states around the country, adding more fuel to our current tinderbox of national protests by letting armed citizens — almost exclusively white — roam about freely with semi-automatic military-style rifles slung over their shoulders.

He brags about Massachusetts gun laws being the strictest in the country claiming that “fascism hasn’t gone up” and neither has crime (In Massachusetts).

That is until the defund the police movement started, in July homicides have skyrocketed in the city of Boston.

Goines claims if we take away military-style weapons from the public “you take away the police’s excuse for possessing an armored-personnel carrier with water cannon.”

Except for the criminals like the 1997 bank robbers that will illegally possess them.

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Written by Staff WriterJuly 21, 2020

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