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Georgia Hits A Huge Milestone Busts Health Experts Claiming COVID-19 Disaster

by Paul Goldberg
Georgia Hits A Huge Milestone Busts Health Experts Claiming COVID-19 Disaster

Two months after the state of Georgia started to reopen and the media gaslighted the public claiming we are all going to die the state just recorded a record low. Georgia has reported a 3 month low in recorded coronavirus deaths, despite criticism from Democrats and the media for lifting their restriction early.

The state’s COVID-19 dashboard shows a seven-day running average of 15.3 deaths per day as of June 15. Georgia’s average hasn’t been that low since the early stages of the pandemic in late March. The posted average has continued to decline however the state cautions data within the last 14 days could give a slight rise in deaths.

Since peaking on April 22nd at an average of 43 deaths a day the death count has declined over the past two months. Cases have jumped in Georgia since Governor Kemp decided to ease Wuhan virus restrictions. Just the news is reporting:

Cases have jumped noticeably in Georgia since reopening — the seven-day average of confirmed cases is now just over 1,000, up from 736 when the state began reopening. But reported deaths have persistently declined over that time.

The state’s total number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is also sharply down from April 24, when it listed a 4,221 people in state hospitals. The number as of Monday was 1,359, though hospitalizations have been on a slow rise since around June 10 after bottoming out at around 800.

The state’s declining death numbers could point to several likely conclusions: The virus itself may have mutated and become less deadly, as numerous scientists have argued; the disease may be infecting lower age demographics in the state with better chances of recovery, as has been observed elsewhere; or state residents may be practicing strict hygiene and “social distancing” rules even as the state continues to re-open. 

Despite being called the United States “dumbest governor” Kemp has remained steadfast and with five weeks of data, deaths are continuing to drop. Let’s all hope this continues, Kemp and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be paving the way for the rest of the country. 

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Written by Staff WriterJuly 2, 2020

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