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Funny Math? Biden Admin Make ‘Revisions’ That Save Blue States From Losing House Seats

by Paul Goldberg
Funny Math? Biden Admin Make ‘Revisions’ That Save Blue States From Losing House Seats

The Biden Census Bureau has some explaining to do after new revisions to the 2020 Census have some very fishy results. 

Most of all the revisions have moved in one direction: Population gains were added to blue states and population losses were from red states. Census Bureau officials from the Biden Administration added 2.5 million blue-state resident and eliminated more than 500,000 red state residents. These estimates are the metrics that decided how many electoral votes each state has and home many congressional seats each state is allowed. 

As of now, Pelosi has a very small majority in the House a switch of seats in the 2022 elections could have massive implications. 

The original projections from the Census showed that New York was losing two seats, Rhode Island losing a seat and Illinois possibly losing two seats. After the “revisions” made by the Biden Administration New York and Illinois will only lose one seat, and Rhode Island will keep their seats. 

Texas was expected to gain three seats, Florida two seats and Arizona one seat. However, Texas will only gain two seats, Florida will only gain one seat, and Arizona was shut out. 

The evidence is circumstantial but the fact that all of the “revisions” swung in the Democrats favor is causing a lot of bells and whistles. 

Stephen Moore from Townhall describes the strange “revisions” that were made to New York’s Census data:

No. 1: New York — We’ve been tracking the annual population/migration changes between states since the last census in 2010. Over the past decade, New York LOST about 1.3 million residents on net to other states. (This does not include immigration, births and deaths.) Still, this is a population loss that is the equivalent of two, maybe three, lost congressional seats. But the final numbers ADDED approximately 860,000. That’s roughly twice the population of Buffalo and Rochester — combined. This is the state that has lost by far the largest population over the past decade.

Moore found was that every large deviation from the estimates favored Democrats. 

What’s also raising a lot of eyebrows is that the 2010 Census final state head counts were within 0.4% of the original estimate, and 30 of them were within 0.2%. However, after Biden’s “revisions” 19 states were more than 1% off, 7 were 2% off, New York was more than 3.8% off, and New Jersey was more than 4.5% off. 

This must be the 2+2=5 math that the woke people use. 


Written by Staff Writer

May 5, 2021

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