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Fox News’ Sean Hannity fires back at State Dept. official for mentioning him in impeachment testimony

by Paul Goldberg

Fox News host Sean Hannity fired back on Thursday about allegations he was involved in talks about Ukraine with top State Department officials. The allegations were revealed in testimonies as part of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and Hannity warned everyone making them “to stop lying about me.”

The story: After slamming former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitich and calling MSNBC analyst John Heilemann a “jackass” on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, on Thursday Hannity pushed back against claims by State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent, who testified that high-ranking State Dept. officials intervened to prevent Hannity from criticizing Yovanovitch on his primetime show, according to Mediaite.

“More lies & Fake news. I never ever spoke to Sec. [Mike] Pompeo or anyone else at the State Dept. about Ukraine. I’ve never even heard the names of the people mentioned from State. Also, I never talked 2 anyone in Ukraine. I don’t know anybody there,” Hannity tweeted an hour before his show, adding “I STRONGLY ADVISE ALL OF YOU TO STOP LYING ABOUT ME.”

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During his show, Hannity said Kent owes him an apology for mentioning him in testimony.

But Hannity also said that Kent’s testimony was “bad news” for Democrats as Kent testified he had no “direct knowledge” that the White House pressured Ukraine into investigating Joe and Hunter Buden by withholding military aid to the country.

“He also testified I was talking about the former Ambassador of Ukraine,” Hannity said. “I’m going to spell it out for all of you one more time, I suggest you read my Twitter account. I don’t know anything about that lady. I have no idea how to pronounce her last name.”

“I never talked to Secretary Pompeo or anybody at the State Department about her or anything else,” Hannity claimed. “I don’t know anything about her. I would advise you all very strongly, I’m saying this in a nice way. All of you had better stop lying about me, you now have been told the truth again. Stop lying.”

“In fact according to our own research, [Yovanovitch] was mentioned in passing four times on this show,” Hannity remarked.

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