Home News Financial Post article calls truckers ‘nobodies’ and exposes elitist attitude against workers

Financial Post article calls truckers ‘nobodies’ and exposes elitist attitude against workers

by J.C McCallum
Financial Post article calls truckers ‘nobodies’ and exposes elitist attitude against workers

The writer for a Financial Post article about truckers in the time of coronavirus is being bashed online because the framing of the article is pretty elitist.

Now, to be fair to her, the headline is a quote, and it is from a trucker who felt underappreciated:

“We went from being nobodies to essential workers,” said Chad Montgomery, also a driver with Challenger Motor Freight. “I’ve never felt appreciated in my job until now. A lot of people don’t realize it takes a truck to get stuff on shelves. If it wasn’t for a truck driver, you would have nothing.”

But, that is not how people are taking it:

Again, to be fair to her, the entire article is about people suddenly becoming aware of how dependent our society is on truckers:

He’s also had offers from strangers — upon becoming aware that truck stops have closed down — to eat and freshen up in their homes.

“That kind of appreciation is touching,” Baird said. “I’ve been doing this for 39 years, and my father did this for 54 years. All I ask is to when you see us at a rest stop, say hi, buy us a coffee maybe, know that we care about our jobs and just want to get your stuff to you.”

BUT, on the other hand, read this sentence, and the key word “become”:

Indeed, truckers have become the key cog in the supply chain as grocery stores empty out and hospitals and pharmacies have an ever-increasing need for supplies such as soap, sanitizer, masks, ventilators, and basic flu medication.

Become? Er. NO, they have ALWAYS BEEN the key cog in our supply chain! LOL!

I don’t think this is as egregious as some are making it out to be, but it proves her point – too many people have been incredibly dependent on the work of truckers and others, and they’re all of a sudden finding out about it. Maybe they should have been more appreciative before…

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