Home News Feds Raid City Club of Chicago As Bill Barr Closes In On Corrupt Dem Machine Political Leaders

Feds Raid City Club of Chicago As Bill Barr Closes In On Corrupt Dem Machine Political Leaders

by Paul Goldberg

The plot thickens and the Democratic political machine in Chicago, one that would make Boss Tweed jealous, may finally come tumbling down.

The pay to play style of the machine politics makes corruption endemic and hard to root out.

But with a string of high profile arrests and multiple subpoenas to power brokers and the state’s leading politicians, the game may finally be up in Illinois.

The feds got one well-connected Dem politician – Ald. Danny Solis – to flip and wear a wire. For two years. Let that sink in.

He wore a wire for two years as he navigated the Chicago swamp making one believe Bill Barr and the Feds are closing in on top leadership and one would expect massive arrests soon.

From WBEZ: A source involved in the investigation said authorities believe many of the clout hires at the state’s largest electric utility got paid but did little or no work, and some of them have ties to Illinois House Speaker and state Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan of Chicago.

In another previously undisclosed development, agents investigating those hires are also probing the role played by Jay Doherty, a longtime lobbyist for ComEd and president of the City Club of Chicago, the source said. The City Club is a prominent public affairs speaking forum that’s a regular stop for Illinois’ top politicians.

Authorities raided the City Club’s offices in the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue for documents about ComEd earlier this year, according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. A Wrigley Building doorman on Friday said agents took boxes of documents and computers during the raid.

City of Chicago records show ComEd has paid Doherty more than $530,000 over the last eight years to lobby for them at City Hall. But he does not have to publicly disclose what compensation he gets for lobbying in Springfield, where he has been listed as representing the company since 2010.

Events hosted by the City Club often have featured speakers from the power company, including Anne Pramaggiore. She abruptly left her job as chief executive of ComEd parent Exelon Utilities Corp. on Tuesday, following disclosures in recent months that the companies have received subpoenas from federal prosecutors in Chicago.

Doherty hung up on a WBEZ reporter who reached him by phone this week. He did not return messages seeking comment on the raid and his role at ComEd.


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Christian Gains October 21, 2019 - 17:59

It SEEMS that “CHI” NOW has two breeds of RAT…(4 legged, AND 2 legged)!! AND! It appears that A.G. Barr is simply interested in the TWO LEGGED BREED!! AND!

By what this Article says, it looks like Miami MIGHT be getting some relatives of Al Capone soon!!

rocco October 22, 2019 - 20:26

I’d be extremely surprised, and impressed, if they have enough to indict Madigan. That guy has been running IL (into the ground) for 40+ years.

Death to leftism and the ignorance required for this evil ideology to exist.

the deplorable john doe October 23, 2019 - 01:27

chicago, a cesspit if there ever was one.


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