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Feds Open Probe Into Trump Nemesis NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Campaign Finances

by Paul Goldberg

Federal election officials are probing Trump nemesis New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign finances.

De Blasio ran for president and most wondered why as he is a failing New York City Mayor with no core constituency.

He mysteriously dropped out of the presidential race recently and it turns out it was the day after the received notice from the FEC they were probing his campaign.

From The New York Daily News:

Federal election officials asked Mayor de Blasio for more information about his presidential campaign fundraising after he used a state political action committee to pay for expenses related to the bid – seemingly against the law.

The Federal Election Commission demanded that de Blasio 2020 clarify a debt the campaign owed his NY Fairness PAC in a letter Thursday – the day before Hizzoner dropped out of the race.

The state PAC loaned the campaign $52,852 for travel expenses, digital advertising and rent, including some purchases made after he officially launched his campaign in mid-May, according to financial disclosures.

Federal election law bars state groups like de Blasio’s PAC from giving more than $2,800 for the primary election. And other federal committees can’t give a candidate more than $5,000 during the primary.

The FEC letter says:

“This letter is prompted by the Commission’s preliminary review of the report referenced above. This notice requests information essential to full public disclosure of your federal election campaign finances.

Failure to adequately respond by the response date noted above could result in an audit or enforcement action.

Additional information is needed for the following 1 item(s): – Schedule D-P of your report discloses a debt owed to NY Fairness PAC totaling $52,851.89 for travel expenses, digital advertising and rent. Please note that a qualified multi-candidate committee and all affiliated committees may not make a contribution(s) to a candidate for federal office in excess of $5,000 per election.

The term “contribution” includes any gift, subscription, loan, advance, or deposit of money or anything of value made by any person for the purpose of influencing any election for federal office (52 U.S.C. § 30116(a) and (f) (formerly 2 U.S.C. § 441(a) and (f)); 11 CFR § 110.1(b), (e) and (k)). Please amend your report or file a miscellaneous electronic submission (FEC Form 99) to clarify the nature of this transaction. Please note, you will not receive an additional notice from the Commission on this matter.

Adequate responses must be received by the Commission on or before the due date noted above to be taken into consideration in determining whether audit action will be initiated. Failure to comply with the provisions of the Act may also result in an enforcement action against the committee.

Any response submitted by your committee will be placed on the public record and will be considered by the Commission prior to taking enforcement action. Requests for extensions of time in which to respond will not be considered.”


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Larry Gaines September 21, 2019 - 03:37

Nail Bill de Blasio. He is crooked through and through. Nothing honest in him


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