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FBI Now Investigating Left Wing Plot Against Jerry Falwell Jr.

by Paul Goldberg

It appears that left-wing activists were infiltrating and stealing sensitive information from Liberty College which is the college run by Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell who is a strong Trump supporter stated that the FBI is looking into a “criminal conspiracy against him by the former board members of the school.

Falwell said that the FBI is reviewing university documents on campus and accused former high-level employees of stealing emails and sharing them with reporters to damage his reputation.

What blew the lid off this corrupt illegal attempt and started the investigation was a hit piece published on Monday written by Politico about Liberty University which is the largest Christian college in the world. The reporter cited several university emails and Falwell claims they were stolen. The piece targeted the school’s finances and his support for President Trump.

“Our attorneys have determined that this small group of former board members and employees, they’re involved in a criminal conspiracy, are working together to steal Liberty property in the form of emails and provided them to reporters,” Falwell Jr. said.

Falwell jr. did tell the hillTV:

Falwell Jr. told Hill.TV that he believes the leak of internal emails was the result of a failed effort among former board of director members to oust him from control. He said the school was in financial distress after the death of his father, Jerry Falwell, and “disgruntled” board members had hoped to use this vulnerability as “leverage to take over.They came here thinking that Liberty would remain in financial difficulty. Instead, I’ve been able to build a $2 billion unrestricted endowment.”

The left tried to get their greasy hands into Liberty University however, it looks like some of them could be headed to jail. It’s good to see conservatives pushing back against these left-wing nuts trying to take them down.

Written by Staff WriterSeptember 10, 2019

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