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“Emmet Sullivan should resign” – Mark Levin on Flynn judge abusing his judicial power

by J.C McCallum

Mark Levin said tonight on his radio show that Judge Emmet Sullivan should resign from the judiciary over his latest moves in refusing to dismiss the Flynn case. The audio is cued up to the 3rd hour where Levin begins discussing the latest news from tonight.


Levin is discussing the latest moves by Sullivan in getting his Clinton buddy to argue against dismissing the Flynn case, as well as the suggestion that he might hold Flynn in contempt for changing his prior guilty plea.

Levin noted during his comments that Sullivan clearly isn’t moved by the new evidence showing that Flynn was set up. Or by the abuse of power by Strzok, McCabe and Comey. Which is troubling to say the least.

Regarding Sullivan absurdly referring to the Flynn case as being about treason, as well as the latest moves by the judge, Levin suggested that perhaps Sullivan wants to retire but he only wants to do so if Biden wins, so he’s doing everything he can to defend the Obama administration to help defeat Trump. He said stuff like this really does happen.

Levin did make the case that Sullivan should resign because he’s given up his judicial independence. In fact he says Sullivan is not even a judge anymore, but a man with judicial power and way out of line. He added that judges like Sullivan and Berman are destroying the reputation of the judiciary with their partisanship.

Levin says he hopes that the DOJ is working on a solid motion to get this case removed from Sullivan because, at the very least, the case should be taken away from him.

Listen to the audio above for more. If you missed Levin’s show tonight and you want to start from the beginning, then you can listen below:

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