Home News Dems Gloat They Have 51 Votes To Block Trump, Forget POTUS Veto And Crash Back To Reality

Dems Gloat They Have 51 Votes To Block Trump, Forget POTUS Veto And Crash Back To Reality

by Paul Goldberg
Dems Gloat They Have 51 Votes To Block Trump, Forget POTUS Veto And Crash Back To Reality

The Democrats are the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. They seem to blunder from one debacle to the next with zero accomplishments other than talking.

They are the all talk no action party and that cannot be denied after their impeachment performance and now with the Iran war powers act.

Look, Congress long ago ceded its authority to the president on many matters. They chose to pass laws to allow a president more power than was previously in the constitution.

Times change and the argument, which still holds up today, was that in fast-changing times we needed the president to make quick tough decisions.

Can you imagine the peril we would be in if Trump had to go ask Ilhan Omar for consent before he bombed a terrorist?

Congress can pass laws to take back its power, but they will need to override Trump’s or the next president’s veto.

Which ain’t gonna happen. So go ahead Democrats celebrate and gloat that you have 51 votes to block Trump on Iran and we will mock and remind you of this moment when Trump issues a veto you cannot override.

From The Hill:

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) on Tuesday said he has majority support for his resolution aimed at reining in President Trump’s war powers against Iran after making changes to win Republican votes.

“I’ve got 51 declared votes on version two,” Kaine told reporters, adding there are “more considering getting on board.”

Republican Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Mike Lee (Utah) previously announced support for Kaine’s resolution. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) also said Tuesday he supported the amended version of Kaine’s measure.

Kaine said the fourth Republican vote would come from Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). With every Democrat expected to support the measure, four Republican votes give it the simple majority needed to pass.

In a procedural hurdle, though, Young said he wouldn’t vote for a motion to proceed on Kaine’s original resolution — which Kaine can force a vote on this week and then could have amended on the floor to the second version.

But Kaine said he is not likely to force a vote on the original resolution.

“I’m not likely to force a vote on Kaine one because I’ve got the votes on Kaine two and not on Kaine one,” he said. “And I do think there’s something virtuous about bringing up the bipartisan version.”

That means Kaine will have to wait to force the vote until the second version ripens, which is 10 days after he introduced it last Thursday. That means Jan. 21 is the earliest Democrats can force a vote on the measure.


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