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Democrats re-elect Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker

by J.C McCallum

I turns out the wicked witch of the west is not dead. Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected as House Speaker by Democrats:

AXIOS – Nancy Pelosi was re-elected Tuesday as Speaker of the House, preserving her role as the key Democratic player in Congress and solidifying her power alongside a future Biden administration.

Pelosi’s re-election, which took place remotely via voice vote, follows a disappointing election for House Democrats, who lost several seats, undercutting the party’s major gains from the 2018 midterms.

While it was never a question that she would resume her role as the most powerful woman in Washington given no serious challenger ran against her, many frustrated members of the caucus wanted a change in leadership.

Pelosi, who is 80, has been the House Democratic leader since 2002.

As it stands right now, House Democrats have only won 220 of their previous 235 seats, giving them a very tight majority. Republicans have added 5 to their total thus far, pushing them to 204 seats. There are still 11 races outstanding and even if they go to Democrats, they will still have lost those 5 seats.

As a reminder, this is what Fox News initially predicted:

Democrats re-elect Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker

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