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Dem Governor Says Trump Needs To Be Removed From Office For ‘Encouraging Criminal Conduct’

by J.C McCallum

Washington Governor Jay Inslee just gave up the Dems game and stunned a reporter when he said Trump needs to be “removed from office” for his “lack of leadership” and for ‘encouraging criminal conduct.”

Inslee said of Trump response to the pandemic:

“It has been a major and continuing handicap to our ability to save lives in our state. It’s akin to Franklin Delano Roosevelt on December 8th, 1941, and for months thereafter, saying that Pearl Harbor was a hoax and that the battleships weren’t important, and that the Japanese were going to surrender miraculously the next Monday.”

“That’s kind of the scenario we have had from the current president. If you can imagine Roosevelt doing that, we’ve had an equivalent of that in response to this existential crisis, and it has continued off and on even today, where we have a president who says that testing is overrated when it is absolutely fundamental to our ability to reopen our economy.”

“I would say that every week as governor, I think every governor, Republican and Democrat, has run into that crevasse of a lack of leadership, from an early refusal by Trump to use the Defense Production Act to an effort to contradict the public-health advice from the president’s own experts, almost on a daily basis, to an effort to try to promote unsafe products.”

“The list goes on and on. It’s been like trying to run a marathon dragging a dead weight every day.”

“I never thought I would live to see the day when an American president would urge American citizens to violate the law,” he added.

“And he did that consciously, willfully, with his sort of dog whistle, asking people to ignore the laws of Michigan and other states, which puts people’s health in jeopardy.”

“That is unimaginable to me. I’ve had some problems with other presidents, but I never thought I’d see the president stoop to that low level.”

“You’re talking about these protests at state capitols?” the Rolling Stone reporter asked,

“Yeah. He urged people to “liberate” themselves from laws that were protecting the public health, and asked people effectively to violate those orders of governors that were the law of these respective states.”

“To encourage criminal misconduct is unconscionable, irresponsible, and is a good cause to be removed from office as soon as possible.”

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