Home News Dem Gov Who Has Banned Hydroxychloroquine, Has Been Caught Hoarding It

Dem Gov Who Has Banned Hydroxychloroquine, Has Been Caught Hoarding It

by Paul Goldberg
Dem Gov Who Has Banned Hydroxychloroquine, Has Been Caught Hoarding It

This is so typical for those on the left.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has a lot of explaining to do after it has been discovered that after banning hydroxychloroquine, making it illegal for Doctors to use it to treat COVID-19 patients, his administration has been hoarding it.

The Governor banned the drug because of his hatred for President Trump however, he claimed it was so hoarders would not stockpile the medicine cause a shortage for patients who have been prescribed the drug for Lupus and other medical conditions. What the governor did was restrict the drug for the public use but, allow the Nevada Department of Corrections to stockpile it for prisoners.

360 News Las Vegas reports:

According to sources at the drug maker, Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc, Nevada prisons ordered a large number of their anti-malaria Hydroxychloroquine drug under the name, Plaquenli. Nevada prisons has literally ZERO cases of prisoners infected with the COVID 19 virus to date. The Nevada Board of Pharmacies and the Governor claimed the rule barring doctors from prescribing the drug outside of hospitals was to stop hoarding. After Sisolak’s ban went into effect, the State Prison hoarded the drug in a mass just in case they had break out.

Gov. Sisolak refused to reverse his order even after the FDA issued an emergency order earlier this week approving the drug for use against COVID 19.

Don’t worry though Sislolak specifically targeted churches after they complained that they should be considered essential services because tobacco and alcohol shops were considered essential as well.

“This new directive makes it clear that places of worship are prohibited from holding in-person worship services with ten or more people, including drive-in and pop up services for the duration of the declaration of this emergency. Those individuals, to my understanding, are subject to civil and criminal penalties, both,” said Gov. Sisolak.

So look on the bright side, if you have church the Governor is going to lock you up and at the very least, if you get infected with the coronavirus you’ll have access to Hydroxychloroquine.

The world is upside down.


Written by Staff WriterApril 9, 2020

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