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De Blasio: We don’t need the National Guard because they’ll get scared and shoot people [VIDEO]

by J.C McCallum

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio put out a statement a few minutes ago hitting back at both Cuomo and Trump’s declaration that the National Guard needs to be sent in to stop the riots and restore order:

In the tweet de Blasio said “When outside armed forces come into communities, especially these intense situations they have not been trained for, that’s a dangerous scenario.” He elaborated on what that meant in the video, saying that the NYPD has been ‘trained incessantly’ to use restraint. But…

“A member of the Guard called up from any part of this state doesn’t have that particular training…but is carrying a loaded weapon, that is a bad scenario. So far, thank God, we have not had a loss of life in these last five days. But you bring outside armed forces into an equation that they are not trained for – people could be very, very unnerved by the dynamics that our police officers have learned to work with and deal with. That is a dangerous scenario.”

He’s saying the National Guard will get ‘unnerved’ and start shooting people. That’s what he thinks will happen. Sheesh. Both Cuomo and Trump have more faith in the National Guard that de Blasio. And from what little I know of the National Guard, this is exactly what they are trained for and these are the kinds of situations they get called in manage so often.

Also, de Blasio seems to forget that we’ve all seen the photos and videos on TV of what happened last night in NYC. De Blasio extols the training and preparation of the NYPD, but they are being overrun right now and need help. But de Blasio is unwilling to help them because of his biases against ‘armed forces’.

Here’s a few tweets in response to de Blasio’s speech:

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