Home News COVID-1984 USA: Mother Tased and More Churchgoers Arrested For Daring To Defy Restrictions (VIDEO)

COVID-1984 USA: Mother Tased and More Churchgoers Arrested For Daring To Defy Restrictions (VIDEO)

by Paul Goldberg
COVID-1984 USA: Mother Tased and More Churchgoers Arrested For Daring To Defy Restrictions (VIDEO)

An Ohio woman was tased and arrested while watching her Childs middle school football game because she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Alecia Kitts, of Marietta, Ohio was sitting socially distant from others, outside (in the sunlight), on the bleachers without a mask on.

The video of the arrest went viral. It’s not clear what the officer said to Kitts but she did resist arrest.

“Let go of me!” Yelled Kitts. “Get off of me, sir! What the F**k is wrong with you?”

Fans did nothing as the officer arrested Kitts who did struggle with the officer.

“You’re not arresting me for nothing, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” she protested as the officer attempted to arrest her. After a struggle the officer takes out his taser and uses it on Kitts.

Even though one should never resist arrest when dealing with police, she may have a very good lawsuit on her hands. The mask mandate issued by the Ohio governor says mask only should be worn outside when social distancing isn’t possible.

All individuals in Ohio must wear facial coverings in public at all times when:

  • At an indoor location that is not a residence
  • Outdoors, but unable to maintain six-foot social distance from people who are not household members
  • Waiting for, riding, driving, or operating public transportation, such as a taxi, a car service, or a private car used for ride-sharing.

When you watch the video people were practicing social distance.

In Moscow, Idaho Police arrested three people for singing church hymns outside and not following social distancing rules.

The event was protesting the mayor’s mask mandate which does not expire until January 2021.

Police arrested Gabreil Rench, Rachel Bohnet, and Sean Bohnet. The local independent new outlet, Moscow Report said that the three were arrested because they refused to show identification. A video that was uploaded to social media shows Bohnet, local music teacher, and his wife restist an order from police that could not be heard. Gabreil Rench did report that he was not cited for refusing to be identified, he was indeed cited for not wearing a mask.

The couple was arrested as the church sang the hymn “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.”

During an interview, Rench said that he feels betrayed. He told the officers that “We backed you guys” during the recent Black Lives Matter protests. “They didn’t send you [to enforce social distancing] with BLM to go do that when they said defund you guys. We backed you guys.”

“I got booked in jail; I was in jail for about two hours,” he said. “And as they were de-booking me, or whatever they call it, I’m walking out and I go by their office, which is right next to where I’m getting booked out. And there’s three deputies and the officer, and two of them aren’t wearing masks and sitting right next to each other. And I said, ‘hey, should they get arrested?’”

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