Home News CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Brian Stelter call Trump remarks to CBS reporter ‘ugly’ and ‘racist’

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Brian Stelter call Trump remarks to CBS reporter ‘ugly’ and ‘racist’

by J.C McCallum
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Brian Stelter call Trump remarks to CBS reporter ‘ugly’ and ‘racist’

The garbage media at CNN is accusing Trump of racism over his comments to CBS reporter Weijia Jiang, refusing to even give him any benefit of the doubt because of his ‘history’ or something:

Blitzer plays only part of the question in the video from Jiang, neuter it to sound less offensive. Her question, as I transcribed it from the earlier post was: “You’ve said many times that the US is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing. Why does that matter? Why is this a global competition to you if every day Americans are still losing their lives and we’re still seeing more cases every day.”

Blitzer praises Jiang’s question as ‘reasonable’ and later as ‘totally, totally fair’. Helter Stelter then chimes after the exchange was over saying the exchange had “racial overtones”, noting “it is racist to look at an Asian-American White House correspondent and say “ask China””.

Stelter then claims this is part of a pattern of behavior from Trump and that he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, as though this were the first time he’d ever said this to a reporter. No, he pronounces Trump guilty of racism based on this ‘pattern’ he sees with women and minority reporters, calling it ‘deeply deeply disturbing’.

I’ll tell you what is deeply disturbing. It’s the garbage journalism over at CNN and other MSM outlets where they can’t see what’s staring them in the face. It’s not racism. What Trump said wasn’t about racism. It’s the fact that China is where all of this started and yet reporters like Weija Jiang question Trump as though he were the one who set the virus free in the first place. She accused him of gloating about America being the pinnacle of testing while people were dying, suggesting that it wasn’t important or that it didn’t ‘matter’. This while Trump is doing everything he can to fight this disease to save lives and get the economy back going again, with testing being one of the big things he’s been trying to fix. Testing is what people want, it’s what people are demanding. Yet the media treat him like he’s a horrible person who only cares about himself and his politics. It’s absolutely pathetic.

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